Sunday, January 27, 2013

98th Assembly District!

By Jeff Simpson Republican Paul Farrow( who when I attended a committee hearing on public education, rudely talked to Luther Olsen during all testimony (but that is another story)) was unfortunately elected to the Wisconsin Senate. In a complete sham of a small government conservative Farrow ran for both seats(that rule needs to be fixed but again another story). That left the political lifer's 98th assembly seat, where he represented Walkersha, open.

When the seat to Mordor comes open, many people want a crack at it. Included in that gaggle of goofiness, is JeanneTarantino, "a conservative voice for Waukesha".    The wanna be voice of Walkersha, used to be the voice of our Lieutenant Governor, Rebeccaforreal.  Like many Wisconsinites in the Walker/Kleefisch economy she lost her job.  Unlike many people in this economy Rebecca fired her personally.  

Well the wanna be "conservative" voice of Waukesha, recently took that voice under oath where she testified that the reason she lost her job was because of discrimination

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch's ex-chief of staff - now a candidate for an open Assembly seat - said in a sworn deposition last month that she believed she was transferred from her state job because of her age and gender.
Jeanne Tarantino, who was also Kleefisch's 2010 campaign manager, made the remark while being questioned under oath as part of a legal dispute with her ex-husband.
"Why was your job with the lieutenant governor terminated?" asked Karen Zimmermann, a lawyer representing businessman James Tarantino, in a Dec. 28 deposition.
"Because I'm an older female, and they wanted to put a younger man in the position," Tarantino responded.
Zimmermann clarified, "Do you feel you were discriminated against?"
"Yes," Tarantino replied.

Now the voters of Waukesha have to decide what really happened when they step to the ballot box.  Did Rebecca discriminate against her?  It's not out of character for Rebecca to hate certain groups of individuals.  Or, as Daniel Bice reports:   "Even Tarantino's lawyer dismissed her client's sworn statements".   When your lawyer, calls you out publicly for lying under oath there seems to be a problem with your character. 

I tend to think in most cases, lying under oath would eliminate you from winning an election, but in Waukesha one never knows.  She is smart though, she is playing the "victim of the liberal media" card very well.   Plus as Bice also reports, she is following in the footsteps of Tom Petri, Diane Hendricks and many other republicans before her:

Tarantino also testified that she had failed to make payroll deductions or pay taxes for her nanny.

Leaving the discussion for another day, how she can afford a nanny as a political staffer and volunteer.   No word yet, if now that she is divorced, Robin Vos has pulled his endorsement! 

Luckily for the sane and moral voters of Waukesha, you have an option - Eric Prudent!


  1. Hi Jeff,

    Unfortunately, Eric Prudent is no longer running for the AD 98 seat, which is disappointing for the liberals here (yes, there are liberals in Waukesha).


  2. Its too bad the people of Waukesha and by proxy the people of WI do not have a moral/ethical alternative in this race.

    Maybe san Felippo could force a referendum on Waukesha County asking if the people want everyone represented on the ballot. Talk about local control!

  3. I hate to say this, but you both missed the really interesting part of this story. Tarantino is Tonette Walker's maiden name. If the soon to be ex-husband is related in any way to the family, that opens a whole new can of worms.

  4. Didnt miss it. I had no idea. The only thing I know about Tonette, is she has a sense of entitlement and loves to spend taxpayer money.

  5. Another Nugget I didnt have time today to focus on was this:

    Tarantino, 46, landed a position as a project leader in the state Department of Workforce Development, earning the same pay. She said in the deposition she was given "another job with a different agency with less responsibility."

    -----She left that job last month to run for a seat in the 98th Assembly District. She is one of five Republicans vying for the post that pays $49,943 annually. She said in the deposition that "there were signs" that this second state job might be eliminated.-----

    even the craziest republicans know that scott walker has no interest in creating jobs so she jumped ship!

  6. Great catch on the Walker connection.

  7. Well, I am an older woman, so I read that whole thing completely differently. I think she was not making an accusation at all. I think she just thought that was what happened, that they wanted someone younger and a man, not a woman.

    I think she blurted it out because that is what she thinks.

    1. You speak the truth m'dear. Happens all the time, and twice more than usual on Fridays.

  8. Tonette loves spending taxpayers money?
    I thought that was Obama's job!
    Trillions and Trillions!

    1. I love Obama hating trolls who are not reality based. next thing you will tell us is walker balanced the budget.....