Thursday, August 25, 2016

Abele To Pikachu: Pay Up Or Get Out!

Milwaukee County is facing a crisis!

I'm not referring to the racial unrest after another police shooting. I'm not talking about the fiscal crisis caused by Milwaukee County Emperor Executive Chris Abele giving away hundreds of millions of dollars in county assets to billionaires like the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Oh no, the problem that Milwaukee County faces is much bigger than that.

The crisis is that people - members of the public - are using the public parks to socialize and recreate by playing Pokemon Go! The horror of it all!
Milwaukee County's parks director has sent a letter to the company behind the gaming sensation "Pokemon Go," asking it to comply with a county ordinance that requires a permit for game play in the public spaces, WISN 12 NEWS has learned.

So far there's been no reply, parks director John Dargle said, adding that he's only asking the CEO of Niantic to do what any organization must do when it organizes an event on park land.

"We're asking them to submit a permit so that we understand who is the contact (and) how we can get a hold of them if this should get out of hand," Dargle said.

Until that permit is obtained, Niantic "must deactivate and removal all Pokemon GO sites, including Poke stops and Gyms within Milwaukee County parks," the letter said.
Here is a copy of the pay up or get out letter.

Dargle goes on to say that it has caused a number of complaints about congestion, litter and people in the park after hours.

But Dargle's boss, the plutocratic Chris Abele, accidentally tells the real reason for this turf war (emphasis mine):
"Everybody likes fun recreation. The parks are there to be used by the public, but when it starts interfering with other people's ability to enjoy their own park, when there's more trash, you know, we have to get serious about it," Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said.

Additionally, entrepreneurs like artist Anandah Bohl have seized upon the opportunity presented by the game by selling fan art to the throngs in Lake Park. Niantic makes money through in-app purchases.

"Parks wants a cut of that revenue so we can help catch up on deferred maintenance," Abele said, adding that it's illegal to operate a business without a permit.
In other words, because Abele has been lavishing gifts to his fellow wealthy elites, he has no money left to take care of his real duties, like fixing the long-neglected parks.

So far, Niantic has not responded to the county's ridiculousness. Don't hold your breath that they ever will. Not only because it is so absurd that it doesn't deserve an answer but because Abele doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Just a month ago, Abele invited the community to all of the parks to participate in a "PokeNic," a Pokemon Go based event. He even gave the people all of the hot spots in the parks where the Pokemon are most commonly found.

The Pikachu Crisis is so huge that they have even scheduled a town hall meeting on September 2.

Please pray for us and that we might survive this calamity - Chris Abele that is, not the Pokemon thing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dr. Duffy

By Jeff Simpson

Lumberjack, turned reality tv star, turned stripper, turned two bit lawyer, turned US Congressman Sean Duffy now has a new career.  Mr. Duffy is now a Physician and also plays one on TV.

Rep. Sean Duffy denied Tuesday that he was peddling "conspiracy theories" about Hillary Clinton's health.
The Wisconsin Republican and Donald Trump supporter got into a tense exchange with CNN's Brianna Keilar about whether prominent Trump surrogates and supporters were perpetuating rumors that Clinton was not physically fit to be president.
"You see Mrs. Clinton with coughing fits on stage, you see her kind of stumbling on and off stage, where Mr. Trump hasn't had those kind of issues and I think that's what's brought this concern forward," Duffy said on "The Situation Room."

Doc Duffy has come a long ways from his days as a stripper

    While Duffy can't make ends meet on $174,000/yr but he can diagnose a cough from watching a clip on TV.  He is ultra talented, but a very poor Congressman.   

    Luckily the people of the 7th Congressional District have a chance to send Mr. Duffy back to reality television and away from Washington DC.

    You can send Mary Hoept to Congress as someone that will represent WI with pride.  

    Like her facebook page, visit her website and help her defeat Dr. Duffy! 

    Where Did All that Money Go? Business Tax Credit Costs Pile Up

    By Kathleen Vinehout 

    "Where did all that money go?” Dennis asked me during a recent visit to the Jackson County Fair.
    Dennis is one of many constituents who ask where the money for schools and roads is as our state recovers from the recession. Economic recovery means more money and more money should equal more resources for the public. Instead, state funds are very tight. For example, state aid to local public schools is less now than in 2006.
    One reason is that the state is not collecting tax money from some large, and in several cases, very profitable companies. Recently I received a memo from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau detailing the awards given out for one large tax credit known as the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit. This credit – originally conceived to help rural communities – has morphed into large credits for single companies.
    The memo contained a list of the total awards made and the companies that received them:                                                         $10.3 million
    Bucyrus International, Inc.                                    $20.0 million
    Direct Supply                                                        $22.5 million
    Dollar General Corporation                                  $5.5 million
    Exact Sciences Corporation                                  $9.0 million
    Fincantieri Marine Group, LLC                            $28.0 million
    InSinkErator                                                          $15.5 million
    Kestrel Aircraft Company, Inc.                             $18.0 million
    Kohl’s Corporation                                               $62.5 million
    Mercury Marine                                                    $65.0 million
    MKE Electric Tool Corporation                           $18.0 million
    Northstar Med. Radioisotopes, LLC                     $14.0 million
    Oshkosh Corporation                                            $47.0 million
    Plexus Corporation                                               $15.0 million
    Quad/Graphics, Inc.                                              $61.7 million
    Trane US Incorporated                                          $ 5.5 million
    Uline, Incorporated                                               $18.6 million
    W Solar Group, Incorporated                               $28.0 million
    Weather Shield Mfg, Incorporated                        $ 8.0 million
    TOTAL (through Aug. 1, 2016)                          $472.1 million
    All of those award amounts are refundable tax credits. This means a company can claim the credit directly against taxes owed. If the company owes little or nothing in taxes and claims the credit, they can receive a payment from the state in the form of a refund.
    Owing little or nothing in state taxes is made possible, in part, by changes in tax law for corporations that date back to 2011. Majority legislators passed the Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit that resulted in very low tax liability for some. A recent study released by the Wisconsin Budget Project found most of this credit goes to reducing taxes for millionaires, including “some tax filers with incomes of over $1 million receiving tax cuts of more than $100,000.”
    That list of Enterprise Zone Tax Credit awards includes the total credits that can be claimed over a 16-year period (2009-2024). Different companies are on different schedules. One company’s contract began in 2009. Seven of the listed companies have contracts that go back to 2010. The remaining contracts were written since 2011. The credits are awarded for various business activities. Some credits are given for jobs created or retained, for training or buying from Wisconsin companies. In every case, the “Enterprise Zone” created is the footprint of the company itself.
    Credit compliance is overseen by the troubled Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), which does not have a good track record for independently verifying that jobs were created. Three separate audits by the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau showed that not one single job created was independently verified.
    Earlier this year, the Wisconsin State Journal reported that WEDC’s claims of jobs created were based on “faulty calculations”. They went on to report, “The agency gave out almost $90 million more in awards, but the total number of related jobs fell by nearly 6,000.”
    The cost of the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit and the Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit would go far in covering the cost of reforming our state’s flawed school funding formula or funding repairs for local roads.
    Funding for road repair is something on the minds of many in Wisconsin. We were reminded once again that in a short time the power of Mother Nature and water can demolish our roads. I offer my heartfelt thanks to the road crews, law enforcement, emergency management, the Red Cross and county officials all of whom worked tirelessly to keep the people safe in the aftermath of the torrential rains and flooding that hit western Wisconsin. We will not be back to normal for a while but we are all safe. If you need help please call 211. And read Rep. Danou’s column this week.

    Saturday, August 20, 2016

    RoJo: Replace Teachers With Videos

    RoJo, Our Dumb Senator, has a new, brilliant idea on how to improve education - get rid of the teachers and replace them with DVRs. Via Amanda Terkel at HuffPo, we learn that RoJo shared this latest bright idea at a political forum in Wisconsin:

    Johnson also touted the benefits of online education and suggested that teachers really weren’t all that necessary anymore:

    JOHNSON: We’ve got the internet ― you have so much information available. Why do you have to keep paying differently lecturers to teach the same course? You get one solid lecturer and put it up online and have everybody available to that knowledge for a whole lot cheaper? But that doesn’t play very well to tenured professors in the higher education cartel. So again, we need destructive technology for our higher education system.

    WISPOLITICS: But online education is missing some facet of a good ―

    JOHNSON: Of course, it’s a combination, but prior to my doing this crazy thing [of being in the Senate] ... I was really involved on a volunteer basis in an education system in Oshkosh. And one of things we did in the Catholic school system was we had something called the “academic excellence initiative.” How do you teach more, better, easier?

    One of the examples I always used ― if you want to teach the Civil War across the country, are you better off having, I don’t know, tens of thousands of history teachers that kind of know the subject, or would you be better off popping in 14 hours of Ken Burns Civil War tape and then have those teachers proctor based on that excellent video production already done? You keep duplicating that over all these different subject areas.
    Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers gets a round of applause for her response to RoJo's inane comment:
    "Leave it to someone from a party led by a reality TV star to confuse videotape with the learning experience of a classroom," she said. What Ron Johnson doesn't get is that education happens when teachers can listen to students and engage them to think for themselves - and that can include using Ken Burns' masterful work. But this is typical for a party with an education agenda as out of date as Johnson's Blockbuster Video card."
    Although RoJo is obviously being a damned fool again, he should be commended for one thing - at least it appears he got past his irrational fear and hatred of movies like The Lego Movie.

    With all of the gaffes, blunders and purely idiotic things that RoJo has done and said lately, one has to wonder if he even wants to win this November.

    Julie Meyer Is A Sore Loser

    Rep. Christine Sinicki
    In the fall primary of this year, Christine Sinicki had a challenger named Julie Meyer.

    Meyer's campaign was one of the most negative and most unhinged ones I've ever seen.  She made such wild and baseless accusations as saying Sincicki was weak on unions, was for school privatization and for things that Boss Abele had done to her neighborhood, like placing sexual predators two doors from her house while denying he was doing it.  I easily refuted this craziness when I endorsed Sinicki.

    Sadly, Meyer's campaign kept going downhill at breakneck speed.  Zachary Wisniewski at Blogging Blue discovered that Meyer was a fake Democrat and that her top donor was a big Republican backer.

    Then at a Sinicki fundraiser, Meyer's husband displayed some bizarre behaviors by stalking Sincki, asking Sinicki's husband to "step into the bathroom" and apparently challenging her son to a fight.  Randy Bryce, at his brand new blog, Iron Stache, has video of some of Mr. Meyer's strange and disturbing behavior.

    Because of this strange behavior and Mr. Meyer's past history of violence, police advised Sinicki to get a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Mr. Meyer, which she did.

    Sinicki went on to easily win the race by a 60-40 margin.

    However, when it came time for the court hearing to make the restraining order permanent, the case was dropped because Sinicki chose not to pursue it.

    Apparently not understanding that she had been routed in the election, Meyer is still in campaign mode and used this to again attack Sinicki:
    This morning, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Commissioner Susan Callies dismissed Rep. Christine Sinicki's request for a restraining order against her primary election opponent's husband, Michael Meyer. Rep. Sinicki did not appear in court to defend her allegations and the Temporary Restraining Order that was granted a day prior to the August 9th Primary Election was rescinded.

    Rep. Sinicki claimed that Michael Meyer was harassing her based on his presence at the Humboldt Park Beer Garden on Friday, August 5, 2016, where Sinicki was hosting a public fundraiser. She claimed that Meyer contacted her friends and neighbors claiming that Rep. Sinicki was "peeking into his daughters (sic) windows" and that he threatened her son by saying,"if you're feeling froggy, sir, just jump." Video of the incident shows that Sinicki's son instigated the confrontation.

    Sinicki's 20th District Democratic Primary opponent, Julie Meyer, stated, "this personal attack on my family has no place in politics. Rep. Sinicki has abused the deference courts give to victims of harassment by demanding a Temporary Restraining Order for political gain."

    Rep. Sinicki's request for a harassment restraining order was filed under oath, but contains multiple false accusations and defamatory statements. Rep. Sinicki claims she was encouraged to file for a restraining order by the same District 6 police officer that her primary opponent, Julie Meyer, had previously filed a formal complaint against.

    "If Wisconsin Democrats believe this type of behavior is an acceptable political tactic, it will be repeated until there is a change in the law that prohibits this conduct. However, any additional legal restrictions would also endanger victims of domestic abuse, so I am calling on Chairman Robert Hansen and all Milwaukee County Democratic Party leaders to unequivocally denounce Rep. Sinicki's deplorable behavior to ensure that this type of political attack never happens again," Julie Meyer said.

    Michael Meyer explained that "Representative Sinicki's restraining order references a horrible incident involving our neighbor, who happened to be a police officer, that verbally assaulted my 13-year-old daughter. It is no coincidence that the police officer that Rep. Sinicki sought out for her restraining order was the same officer that my wife filed an official complaint against for covering up our neighbor's offensive conduct."

    "My wife had nothing to do with that incident and I am outraged that our State Representative would seek out a person that caused so much damage to my family to use in a political attack against her," Michael Meyer said.
    Now this may come as a surprise to the gentle reader, but Meyer was lying out of her teeth once again.

    Sinicki was kind enough to send me the press release she issued in response:
    “Despite the fact that the fall primary results have been in more than a week, apparently Ms. Meyer and her campaign manager, disgruntled organizer Dennis Hughes, seem to have missed the fact that the race is over. They act as if the campaign is still going on.

    “In fact, their continued complaints and protests are so loud, it looks like they are trying to obscure their own bad behavior during the primary campaign they lost. That behavior includes harassment by Ms. Meyer’s spouse, Michael Meyer, of Rep. Sinicki, her family members, and supporters, including local elected officials, at a Sinicki Campaign fundraiser.

    “After the incidents at the fundraiser, the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) informed Rep. Sinicki that Ms. Meyer’s spouse, Michael Meyer, is someone whose menacing behavior should be taken seriously, based on his known history. Acting upon advice by the MPD, she was granted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to prevent Michael Meyer from further harassing her family, her supporters or herself during the rest of her campaign.

    “After the election, Ms. Meyer asked Rep. Sinicki to agree not to seek to make the TRO permanent against Michael Meyer. Rep. Sinicki asked to talk to her in person, which happened earlier this week. During that conversation, the Representative agreed to her request, with the caveat that if her husband from this point on exhibits any more such behavior, then Rep. Sinicki will seek permanent reinstatement of the restraining order (RO). (This would mean Mr. Meyer would be subject to the conditions of two simultaneous restraining orders, including the instructions in the first one to relinquish and not possess firearms).

    “Yesterday morning (Thursday, August 18, 2016) Rep. Sinicki sent Ms. Meyer a text confirming again that she will not pursue a permanent restraining order, and that on advice from the restraining order office she would not attend the hearing scheduled for today, Friday, August 19, 2016, for that purpose.

    “As promised, Rep. Sinicki did not attend the hearing this morning, which signaled to the court that she is not pursuing an RO at this time.

    “Going forward, Rep. Sinicki hopes that Ms. Meyer will see the wisdom in refusing to respond to any more provocations to cry wolf from Mr. Hughes, who has had his own serious, ongoing problems with harassing and disruptive behavior. He clearly incites much of Ms. Meyer’s “sour grapes” behavior, even to the point of writing her media releases for her. It is time for Ms. Meyer to recognize Mr. Hughes’ input for the bad advice it is, and distance herself from it.

    “It is also time for both Ms. Meyer and Mr. Hughes to lay down this pattern of continued outbursts of resentment and bad temper. We need to direct our personal and communal resources to make sure that, in the November 8 general election, we elect leaders who will focus on the good of everyone in our communities. That is how Rep. Sinicki intends to direct her energies between now and Nov. 8th, and it is her hope Ms. Meyer and Mr. Hughes will join her.”
    It's obvious that the voters in the 20th Assembly District chose wisely when they overwhelmingly reelected Sinicki. I just hope that the Meyers seek out the help they so obviously need to that they can move on and enjoy their lives.

    Thursday, August 18, 2016

    RoJo Perfectly Fine With Trump Having Nuclear Codes

    On the tail of Hillary Clinton and Vice-President Joe Biden saying that Donald Trump wasn't to be trusted with the nuclear launch codes, a reporter asked Our Dumb Senator if he felt safe with Trump having the codes. RoJo's short answer was chilling, "Certainly."

    When the gentle reader reads his full answer, it doesn't make things any better:
    When pressed on the question again of whether Johnson trusted Trump with the nation’s nuclear weapons, Johnson said, "Certainly. Take a look at his vice president pick, take a look at his Supreme Court justices, take a look at his family."
    Yeah, picking a fascist and homophobe for a running mate is a sure confidence builder.

    Or the fact that Trump has had three wives, a seemingly incestuous attitude towards his daughter and a son who is as much of a hothead as his old man - well, what else can say a stable personality?

    And if the thought that RoJo was fine with an unstable person like Trump having the nuclear codes wasn't terrifying enough, just remember, RoJo is the chair of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

    RoJo is less fit for office than even Trump and it's downright nightmarish that he is in control of homeland security.

    Russ Feingold's trouncing of RoJo in November can't come soon enough.

    The Great White Con

    By Jeff Simpson

    By now you have probably heard that The Donald made another appearance in Wisconsin. This time he came here for a reason, Mr. Trump came here to make a plea to African American Voters that he was the right one for them to vote for.

    "I'm asking for the vote of every African-American citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different and much better future,
    The problem with Mr. Trumps speech, was he came here to address African Americans and did it from the safe haven of 99% white West Bend.  The area that has given us not on Bob Gannon (R-Grand Wizard), but also sent Glenn Grothman (R-Mommys Basement) to Washington DC.   I know Louie Gohmert has been lonely but we did not need to send him his spirit animal.  Anyway I digress.....

    The venue was so white that even Scott Walker, Reince Priebus and Sean Duffy (R-Stripper) felt safe enough to actually show their faces.  Realizing the room was so white, they had to wear shades, they all jumped on and took their turns Trumpeting Trump.

    As we know here in COGDIS land there is more, there is always more.

    While Trump came to West Bend to court the African American vote.....(let that simmer for just a bit).....Trump also had another objective.   The Donald wanted to show his support for the police officers in wake of the mess over the weekend in Milwaukee.

    As if irony was not already flowing like beer at a Bill Kramer grope party, Donald, with a completely straight face added to it.   The Donald chose someone who was the target of TWO(thats one more than one for the RW subscribers), criminal investigations introduce him to give a speech about following the law.

    Yes, we have sources that have told us you could see the irony from the Space Station.

    However amazing the speeches were to the sparse monochromatic crowd, they did not seem to get it.
    "People up here don't really care about what's going on in Milwaukee," said Jared Gagnon-Palick of West Bend, as he stopped to buy a Trump button in the parking lot after the rally.
    1. "I grew up in Milwaukee, and I moved here to get away from all the crime with three little kids," he said.
    PSSS...Jared  ixnay on the hiteway lightfay.... at least until after election day.

    But wait there is more....The Trump/Walker/Duffy/Grothman fantastic four reached this guy

    Jack Beck, 65, a retired bricklayer who lives in West Bend, said he planned to vote for Mr. Trump and did not blame him for making a low-key stop in Milwaukee, given the city’s racial tensions.
    “Every night in Milwaukee, there is someone being shot, and they make nothing of that until a cop is involved, and then all of a sudden it’s always blamed on the cop,” said Mr. Beck, who added that he hoped West Bend’s black population would not increase. He tied much of the unrest in Milwaukee to his belief that black residents do not want to work hard and instead want to use police killings to get  handouts from the government.

    “If somebody is killed, they think we owe them something,” Mr. Beck said. “I don’t want to seem racist or nothing, but the black heritage has been raised in a certain way that there’s no incentive to get out and work, because all of a sudden you have five kids and there are no dads around.”
    Look for Jack Beck to play a major part in the Trump candidacy next time he fires half his staff.

    I will be sure to tell my incredibly skilled, African American surgeon that his Heritage makes him lazy and he should "get out and work"...again I digress....

    The great thing about Donald Trump is, there is no longer need for dog whistles.  As Mr Duffy says, Donald Trump is always right!

    The only real problem that the fabulous four ran into was by the time the event was over, the souvenir stands had been picked through of all the good stuff!

    If this is the African American  outreach of the Republican Party they should be ripe for the picking in November!   I wonder if they can find an even whiter area for the next time trump comes back to Wisconsin!  

    Republicans Try To Infiltrate Feingold's Campaign

    The Republicans are in a panic.

    Because they have the ever imploding Donald Trump as the face of their party, They know that their down ticket elections are in deep peril. This is especially true for Wisconsin's Dumb Senator, Ron Johnson.

    Since they started polling, RoJo has been constantly trailing Russ Feingold, usually by 10 or more points. RoJo has consistently been named as one of the most vulnerable senators, if not the most vulnerable. RoJo has accelerated his nosedive in the polls by hitching his campaign wagon to Trump's, even though Trump got trounced in Wisconsin's primary.

    So the Republicans do what comes naturally to them. They tried to cheat.

    They sent in an incompetent woman to try to be a spy in Feingold's campaign. Yeah, that didn't work out too well:
    An apparent Republican activist tried to join Democrat Russ Feingold’s team this week in what Feingold’s campaign suspects was a plot to dig up dirt on him.

    In an interview with Feingold staff on Wednesday, she initially said she wanted to work on issues affecting women’s health care and unions, but clammed up when confronted about whether she had worked for conservatives and tried to infiltrate Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Iowa last year.

    “I’m not going to be answering any questions, so if you want me to leave, I’ll leave. If you want me to stay, I’ll stay,” she responded, according to an audio recording provided by the Feingold campaign.

    Told she needed to leave, she responded, “Cool! Well, it was great meeting you.”

    The woman signed up to be a volunteer as Allison Moss on Tuesday, but was let go Wednesday after the Feingold campaign asked her if she was actually Allison Maass.

    Maass is a writer with Campus Reform, a project of the conservative Leadership Institute aimed at exposing liberal bias at universities.
    Not only had Maass already been busted once trying to worm her way into a Democrat's campaign, but tries it again with the most pathetic attempt to disguise her name. But Maass gave herself away before she even set foot in the door:
    The Feingold sting apparently fell apart thanks to profiling on the part of the campaign. The would-be infiltrator was blonde and drove a big white pickup truck, which staff said was part of the tip off.
    OK, I don't know what her hair color had to do with it. There are no blonde Democrats?

    Anyway, congratulations to Ms Maass for temporarily taking the heat off of RoJo as being the laughing stock of this election..Maxwell Smart has nothing on you.

    Sunday, August 14, 2016

    Racial Unrest In Milwaukee Follows Police Shooting

    Photo: Calvin Mattheis, AP 
    On Saturday afternoon, a Milwaukee police officer shot and killed a young black man. Another young black man was arrested without being harmed.

    As of the time of this writing, it is not clear why the officers stopped the two men. Initial reports said that they were suspects in a carjacking. Later, it was because of "suspicious activity." Even the police spokesman didn't know why they were stopped.

    It was also reported that the dead young black man was armed with a semi-automatic handgun that held 23 rounds. Again, there is some confusion on whether the man had even pointed his gun or shot at the officer. All the police are saying is he didn't drop his weapon.

    Saturday night, there was a protest at the scene of the shooting that turned violent. A couple of cars were set on fire as were some businesses:
    After an hours-long confrontation with officers, police reported at 10:15 p.m. that a gas station at N. Sherman Blvd. and W. Burleigh St. was set on fire. Police said firefighters could not for a time get close to the blaze because of gunshots.

    Later, fires were started at businesses — including a BMO Harris Bank branch, a beauty supply company and O'Reilly Auto Parts stores — near N. 35th and W. Burleigh streets, a grim and emphatic Mayor Tom Barrett said. He spoke at a midnight news conference at the District 3 police station at N. 49th St. and W. Lisbon Ave.
    Mayor Tom Barrett blames social media for people congregating.

    The right wing pundits and bloggers just threw up their traditional race bating and bemoaning of the loss of property while dismissing the value of human life.

    Today, after the unrest was calm and community and religious leaders started bringing in volunteers to clean up the area, Faux Newz favorite, Sheriff David "Uncle Ruckus:" Clarke ignored that it is out of his jurisdiction and called for the National Guard to come in.

    The most mature and intelligent response came from another young black man, newly elected Alderman Khalif Rhainey:
    Rainey, who represents the area where the man was shot by the officer and the disturbance occurred, was particularly pointed. He said Sherman Park had become “a powder keg” this summer, and ended his remarks by implying that downtown could be the site of disturbances if the issues facing African-Americans here not addressed.

    “This entire community has sat back and witnessed how Milwaukee, Wis., has become the worst place to live for African-Americans in the entire country,” Rainey said. “Now this is a warning cry. Where do we go from here? Where do we go as a community from here?

    “Do we continue – continue with the inequities, the injustice, the unemployment, the under-education, that creates these byproducts that we see this evening? … The black people of Milwaukee are tired. They’re tired of living under this oppression. This is their existence. This is their life. This is the life of their children.

    “Now what has happened tonight may have not been right; I’m not justifying that. But no one can deny the fact that there’s problems, racial problems, here in Milwaukee, Wis., that have to be closely, not examined, but rectified. Rectify this immediately. Because if you don’t, this vision of downtown, all of that, you’re one day away. You’re one day away.”
    Sadly, Rainey is absolutely correct. Wisconsin has been found to be the worst state in the nation for Black People:
    Based on our index, Wisconsin is the worst state for black Americans. Typical black Wisconsin households made roughly half the white median household income, a wider income gap than in the majority of states. Wisconsin’s black residents were also far less likely than white residents to have health insurance, with a gap of more than 30 percentage points. Black Americans in Wisconsin are at a much greater risk of death than their white peers as well, which could be due in part to poor health coverage. There were 980 deaths per 100,000 people among Wisconsin’s black population — one of the highest rates nationwide. This figure represents 288 more deaths than the comparable rate for white residents, nearly the largest gap reviewed. Black Wisconsin residents were also nearly 10 times more likely than white residents to go to prison, nearly the largest gap. Black children in Wisconsin had worse educational outcomes than both their white classmates and their black peers in other states. Milwaukee led the nation of most racially-segregated U.S. cities, which may actually make the problem in Wisconsin more a problem for Milwaukee, where the vast majority of the state’s black population lives.
    Wisconsin does have the highest rate of incarceration for blacks and Milwaukee has been found to be the most segregated city.

    Even today, knowing that the race problems are real and immediate, our elected leaders only keep adding fuel to the fire. Mayor Tom Barrett is more worried about investing in downtown Milwaukee, especially his precious streetcar, than in the black communities where help is really needed. Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele, the plutocrat that he is, has given more than $100 million to the billionaire owners of the Milwaukee Bucks to build an arena and their own plaza.

    As Rainey said, unless there is real change, there won't be any change. He wasn't even alive in 1967 and even I was just a baby still, but the community hasn't - or shouldn't have - forgotten the riots of 1967.

    When the gales of November came early...

    By Jeff Simpson

    After having a few days to digest the August 9th Primary, its time to take a look at the results.

    1. I had called for Democrats/Independents/Republicans to Team up with Paul Nehlen to defeat Paul Ryan in the primary.   If every single Democrat that voted has crossed over for Nehlen, we would have only needed 22000 more people to turn out at the polls.

    A little perspective, Paul Nehlen put a big push on to get out the vote, hitting (by his count) thousands and thousands of doors, had big name Republicans (Coulter, Malkin, Palin) campaigning for him and plenty of free press coverage.  Add to that Ryan Solen and Tom Breu who were battling for the Democratic nomination.  Both of those candidates brought something different to the race and were both working hard to be the person representing the 1st Congressional district on the November Ballot.

    The combined efforts of these three candidates, barely turned out half of what Paul Ryan turned out to keep him in power,   I am certain Paul Ryan, who has taxpayer funded security and walls around his Janesville home, was not out pounding the pavement, knocking on doors at anytime.

    I get that he has the bully pulpit, and they gerrymandered his district to be more right wing friendly, but it amazes me how the press and the Democratic Party keep treating him with kid gloves.

    Paul Nehlen said in an interview that he wanted to discuss deporting all Muslims.  While it was a stupid thing to say, it made national news everywhere, and he was painted as a crazy extremist.

    On the other hand, Paul Ryan, was the leader of the group of Republicans that met the night if President Obamas Inauguration where they launched the plan to block and obstruct everything he did no matter how big or how small. To my knowledge, no one has ever asked Paul Ryan about this borderline treasonous act.  

    As we know, there is always more.   Paul Ryan also is set on cutting Military pensions, and has held over 60 votes to repeal (not replace) the Affordable Care act.  Yet they call him the GOP ideas guy and called his opponent extreme.

    I hope Ryan Solen can mount a strong challenge but with Paul Ryan raking in millions upon millions from Wall St. and the Democratic party seemingly scared to speak up and criticize Mr. Ryan it is an uphill battle.

    Like everything that has happened over the last 6 years, we can no longer rely on the Democratic Party to be the opposition, if we are going to take our state back we need to supersede the party and do it ourselves.   If you care about our country and not the political class, and understand the damage that Paul Ryan has done to his district, please help Ryan Solen out!

    You can like his facebook page here and go to his website here!

    Lets put someone in Washington who wants to represent Wisconsin, not Wall St.  Wisconsin needs someone who has put their life on the line for our country, not someone who sees our troops as an expense.

    2.  Public Education lost big!  Mandela Barnes, one of the better Assemblymen in Madison, made a major decision to challenge Senator Lena Taylor.  Due to some strange rules of incumbent protection by the WisDems, he had to start out not only fighting MS. Taylor for the position he had to also fight the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

    Meanwhile, Ms. Taylor was getting help from not only the Democratic Party, but also formerly convicted felon, and millionaire school privatizer Scott Jensen.  Ms. Taylor campaigned on the ability to cross the aisle, but the reality is anyone who works with Scott Jensen is working directly against our children.  

    In the end, Mandela Barnes lost his bid to unseat Lena Taylor and we lost a champion of public schools while giving more power to someone who wants to privatize.

    It did not end there either,  Democrat Leon Young, who formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen called a "school choice champion" turned back two very qualified progressive candidates.

    Unfortunately there is more!  Another formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen ally, Jason Fields, also won a seat back in the Assembly beating another progressive in his race.

    When Scott Jensen wins a seat in the Democratic Primary, we need to take note.  When Scott Jensen wins three Democratic Primaries, there is cause for panic.

    3.  The Democratic base was all over the board.   Unfortunately, all Democratic incumbents remained in their seats but that is as far as they were able to go.   In the race to replace Robb Kahl, Jimmy Anderson was hammered on by members of the Democratic Party in the assembly and many of them endorsed his opponents, yet Jimmy Anderson prevailed.

    The same in the Leon Young race, many Democratic electeds, endorsed Edgar Lin but young was able to retain his seat.

    It does not stop there either. Long time Democratic Assemblyman, Andy Jorgensen was sick of the fight in the Assembly and tried to get a safer, more stable job as Rock County Register of Deeds, but was beaten handily by the outgoing incumbents second in command.

    Andy Jorgensen would probably been able to continue winning his Assembly district but got beaten handily in his bid for a different title. Now the State of Wisconsin has lost two very good Assembly reps in one fell swoop.  

    My opinion as to why that is, is because people are sick of politics.  People in the middle and lower classes have the same problems as they have had but things are getting even harder on them.   In Wisconsin, poverty is rising, income inequality is also rising, it is statistically the worst state in the union for people of color, and it is almost weekly that we see the headlines of yet another Wisconsin staple manufacturer is closing its doors and moving.  

    With as many elections as we have had the last few years, if anything has changed, conditions are getting worse.

    There is no politician(except Bernie Sanders) who has told the people that they understand their plight and that we need a quick fix.

    With politicians that are tone deaf, a depressed labor market and declining services for people in need, people are starting to check themselves out of politics.   It has become a turnout problem because the people are not seeing the difference in the parties, nor are they hearing anyone talk about their actual daily concerns and fears.

    After the last election blowout, The Democratic Party did a self study where one of the conclusions that they came too was that they need a better consistent message to bring to the voters.  Unfortunately, they did follow their own advice, but the message they came up with was Trump is scary vote for us.

    When you are working two jobs, yet living paycheck to paycheck, worried about how you can afford gas, a place to live, health care and food, Trump does not scare you!

    When you can not get off work to tend to your sick child or attend their school events because the pay you lose could cost you your apartment, Trump does not scare you.

    When you were recently homeless, but now am sharing a one bedroom apartment with three families, just to be able to have a roof over your head, Trump does not scare you.

    When your child has special needs and your only reprieve is when they are at school, and you have to worry about the schools having the funding to help your child, while also trying to figure out what is the best thing to give up so you can buy the meds that your child desperately needs, Trump does not scare you.

    When your spouse has a heart attack, can no longer work and the deductible that your health insurance charges has left you broke, Trump does not scare you!

    There is still time to turn the ship around but there does not seem to be much interest in doing so. This primary election sent a message to the Democratic Party, the question is will they listen, or will the good people of Wisconsin just be a bone to be chewed when the gales of November arrive?

    Monday, August 8, 2016

    Fact-Checking Senator Lena Taylor

    The race between State Senator Lena Taylor and State Representative Mandela Barnes has been UGLY to say the least. Senator Taylor has said some pretty interesting stuff, so let’s see how these things check out.

    Some of Senator Taylor’s Claims, and how they match up to reality:

    1)   Statement: “I’ve passed over 100 pieces of legislation.”

    Fact-checking: She’s co-sponsored 134 pieces of legislation, and 101 of those items have passed. What she hopes you will overlook is that on most of these bills, there are about 12 people who sponsor or co-sponsor them. For example. SB-36 is listed like this on the state legislative page: “Introduced by Senators Taylor, Grothman, Lehman, Plale and Erpenbach; Cosponsored by Representatives Grigsby, Kessler, Berceau, Colon, Fields, Mason, Roys, Sinicki, Toles, Turner, A. Williams, Young and A. Ott.”

    Or, take a look at AB-442: “Introduced by Representatives Ballweg, Berceau, Davis, Grigsby, Mursau, A. Ott, Staskunas and Ziegelbauer; cosponsored by Senators Taylor, Cowles, Erpenbach, Olsen, Plale, Schultz and Wirch.”

    Also a fact: both the Assembly and the Senate are controlled by the Republican Party. They are far more willing to make a deal with Senator Taylor, who repeatedly sides with Republicans, than they are to deal with Rep. Barnes, who gets higher consistent ratings on standing with the Democrats. Anyone can check what types of bills these two have sponsored, and where those bills have gone.

    2)   Says she went to the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council convention to see what it was all about.

    Fact-checking: Somewhere out there there is a video of Taylor thanking ALEC for sending her to this conference, made up of members who have arguably done more to undermine American income-earning potential than any other organization in existence today.  A month ago, it was online, but it appears Taylor has had this removed after backlash. If you ask her about it, she will point to other Democratic senators who went, too.  The problem is, she neglects to mention that these senators went with the sole intent of documenting, reporting, and exposing ALEC for what it was. For Taylor, who came back and did a public speech about how great it was, to claim that “others did the same thing I did” is disingenuous. If you can find the video please post it in the comments.  She has deservedly taken a lot of heat for this.

    3)   Much of Senator Taylor’s district is affected by gun violence, and much  of it is strongly in favor of sensible gun reform, but Senator Taylor has time and time again voted not to limit access to guns, not to enact stricter penalties for those in illegal possession of a gun, etc.

    Fact-checking: Okay, this is my statement, but it’s true. She’s voted for Castle Doctrine, and we all know how well that ends up for people based on race (of either the shooter or the shot).

    4)   Senator Taylor used to be considered the people’s champion.

    Fact-checking: This is generally true. Even a few years ago, she could be counted on to come to public events on a wide variety of issues, make a brilliant speech, and inspire a crowd. But have you been to a meeting or public forum with her lately? Many local Democratic women across racial lines have been missing the “Old Lena” vs. the one who shows up today, a woman clearly disinterested in hearing anyone’s voice but her own.

    5)   Taylor likes to call her deal-making with Republicans “compromises.”

    Fact-checking: True, in her own view, false in the real world. She and her supporters try to make this look like it’s all part of lawmaking, when in fact you do not have to compromise with people who are out to destroy Wisconsin. If she claims that these “compromises” have helped her constituents, ask to see proof of their increased wages, increased access to housing, transit, etc.  Taylor has one of the highest lifetime “conservative” ratings of any Wisconsin Democrat according to the American Conservative Union’s 2015 report. Barnes, on the other hand, is considered part of the “Coalition of the Radical Left” because he sided with Republicans less than 10% of the time. Republicans, clearly, consider her their ally. Taylor sided with Republicans 70% more than Barnes in 2013 and 40% more than Barnes during their cumulative time as lawmakers. And yet, both represent overwhelmingly left-leaning constituencies.  

    6) Taylor claimed to have spent no money in the entire first half of 2016, and is now delinquent in filing an amended campaign finance report that was due before the end of July.

    Fact-checking: True. Despite repeated assurances that they will get right on this, no one has. It's coming up on a month now, and if there were nothing to hide, they wouldn't be trying to hide it. Anybody who is as seasoned a campaign manager as Michelle Bryant knows better than this. With no GAB anymore, and with Republicans disinclined to punish people willing to vote with them close to 20% of the time, any complaints will probably go nowhere.

    Look, Taylor may win this time around, but she will keep drawing challengers due to her willingness to stand with Walker against her own constituents. That’s the kind of “compromise” we can all live without. Judge her on how she’s performed for her constituents—ALL of them—and whether or not you want to keep sending a Democrat with Republican values-- and donors (let's see that full finance report, huh?) to office.