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Wild Bill Kramer Gets Slap On Wrist For Sexual Assaults

In March 2014, Republican Wisconsin State Representative Bill Kramer, who also was the Assembly Majority Leader, was charged with two counts of Second Degree Sexual Assault for violently sexually assaulting a GOP congressional staffer:
In the parking lot of the High Tide, Kramer shoved the woman against a car, kissed her forcibly and put his hands up her shirt, according to the complaint.

"(The victim) states she continued to tell him 'no and don't' as she turned her head away from him and pushed at his hands," the complaint says.

The woman was "shocked, numb and not thinking clearly" and drove Kramer to another part of the parking lot. When they arrived, he locked the car doors, kissed her again, grabbed her groin and tried to look down her shirt, according to the charges.

The incident "severely impacted" the woman emotionally and led her to seek professional help, the complaint says.
Fortunately for Kramer, the Waukesha County District Attorney was fellow Republican Brad Schimel, who was running for Wisconsin Attorney General. Schimel let Kramer off the hook by giving him a generous plea deal:
Just days ahead of a scheduled jury trial, state Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Town of Waukesha) Thursday pleaded no contest to reduced charges of two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree sexual assault.

Kramer entered the plea during what was to have been a status conference on the case, stemming from felony sexual assault charges filed in March against the former No. 2 lawmaker in the Assembly.

Assistant District Attorney Debra Blasius said her office will recommend three years of probation, with a variety of conditions, including nine months in jail with work-release privileges.

Kramer, 49, will not have to register as a sex offender, but must undergo a sex offender assessment and any recommended treatment. Sentencing is set for Nov. 25 before Reserve Judge Neal Nettesheim.
The plea deal ended up being better than what Kramer and Schimel had hoped it would be:
State Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Town of Waukesha) was sentenced Tuesday to five months in jail, after pleading no contest last month to reduced charges of two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree sexual assault.

The jail term is a condition of a three-year probation sentence.

He will begin serving his jail time, with work-release privileges, on Dec. 4.

Reserve Judge Neal Nettesheim also imposed several other conditions on Kramer: He must get a sex offender and alcohol assessment and complete any required treatment.

He may have no contact with his victim. He must maintain absolute sobriety and avoid entering any bars or other establishments whose primary business is serving alcohol. He must pay $216 restitution.

He will not have to register as a sex offender.

Because he was ultimately convicted of a misdemeanor, not a felony, Kramer can serve the remainder of his term in the Assembly.
Not only does Kramer escape any meaningful punishment and keep his job, he will also get to keep his lucrative pension.

Not a bad return for a $500 campaign donation that was given back to him in the end anyway.

It should be noted that his fellow Republican lawmakers did strip him of his leadership role in the State Assembly, but took no further actions against him. They're real law and order types alright.

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Boss Abele's Secretly Selling Off Milwaukee County Parks

Lisa Kaiser of the Shepherd Express has a must read article in this week's issue regarding some of the ramifications of Boss Abele's unprecedented power grab - namely, his pawning off of county assets in sweetheart deals.

She points out the questionable way Boss Abele decided to try to practically give away the Transit Center and O'Donnell Park and his backdoor attempt at privatizing the zoo's food service to a Denver-based company.

But the real eye catcher is what he is trying to do with Kulwicki Park:
[Milwaukee County Supervisor Gerry] Broderick said he was troubled by the administration’s attempt to lease parkland without public discussion or even notifying him, the chair of the parks committee.

“This is Abele’s approach,” Broderick said. “It lends credence to the argument that Abele’s intent here is to turn the parks back to municipalities where the municipalities would choose to accept them back and in doing so undo the emerald necklace that is something that Milwaukee County is so proud of.”

Broderick said the county would have had more resources to keep up its parks if the Legislature—and the conservative Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC)—hadn’t blocked the implementation of a half-cent sales tax for parks and cultural assets as approved by voters in a 2008 referendum.  Ironically, an MMAC-led effort to push a similar referendum, including funding for a new sports arena, is now underway.


Broderick said he wanted to bring the matter up for debate in a parks committee meeting as soon as he could. And he warned that while the lease of Kulwicki Park may seem benign on the surface, it could lead to leasing highly sought-after parkland to interested developers with little to no public involvement.

“What’s there to prevent the administration from leasing Lake Park or Grant Park, or encircling the golf courses with high-end condos?” Broderick said. “To say it’s troubling I think understates the facts. This will lead to a two-tier parks system, with have-parks and have-not parks.”
Once again, Boss Abele has proven why people refer to him as Walker Lite. He has all the sliminess and underhandedness of Scott Walker, but with none of the political savvy.

I also have to point out once again that as long as the Democrats keep embracing and honoring people like Abele instead of holding them accountable, they will keep losing elections.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election 2015 - Bradley vs Bradley?

Even as the State of Wisconsin is licking its wound from the bloodbath it suffered during the elections earlier this month, the spring elections are just around the corner.

Perhaps the most notable and most important race will be for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley is up for reelection.  Walsh Bradley is one of the few justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court with integrity, dignity and impartial and measured judiciousness.

Her class was shown by the way she handled herself when she was physically assaulted by David "Choke Hold" Prosser.

One of the names being bantered about by the extreme right is Rebecca Bradley.  This Bradley was appointed to Milwaukee County Circuit Court by Scott Walker two years ago so that she could run for the seat as an incumbent in the spring election.

When the right wing Bradley was running for her first election two years ago, I did a fairly comprehensive write up on her at that time and at the risk of being accused of plagiarizing myself, I shall reproduce it here:
For the record, I endorsed Protasiewicz for the primary and I am proud to endorse her for the general election on April 2.  I endorsed her because I know first hand of her strong work ethic, her balanced view and her dedication to the law.
At that time, I also pointed out that Protasiewicz' opponent was not being honest with the voters:

I need to point out that the "incumbent," Rebecca Bradley was appointed to her seat by Scott Walker four months ago, for no other purpose than to give the incumbent boost at the polls.

I know many people that have appeared before her. Let me just say they were not very impressed. She took an exceptionally long time to learn her job and still has a hard time trying to do it.

Furthermore, she is less than honest with the voters. Almost nowhere in her literature (which she sends two of each one to my home), her webpage or ads does she mention that she used to lead the Milwaukee Branch of the Federalist Society.

For the unfamiliar, the Federalist Society is to law what Media Trackers is to journalism. Their mission is to find legal ways to advance their uber-conservative agenda.
It turns out I was not completely accurate with that assessment. As it turns out, Bradley is a lot more partisan and a lot more dishonest than I had previously thought.

As noted above, she was appointed by Scott Walker just five months ago.  The first red flag came in his announcement of her appointment to the bench (emphasis mine):
“Appointing Ms. Bradley ensures the residents of Milwaukee County receive timely and fair service from the court system,” said Governor Walker. “Ms. Bradley is a great lawyer, a person of integrity, and she understands the proper role of a judge. She will be a great addition to the Milwaukee County bench.”
Given his relationship to certain members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, like David "Rubber Stamp" Prosser, we know what this means.

My suspicions grew in the time leading up to the primary and we received numerous flyers from her campaign.  That was a lot of money for a county race primary and for someone who just started her campaign just three months before.

What I also found interesting was some of the language on her mailers:

Click on image to embiggen

Pay note to the first highlighted line: "...applying the law impartially, free of any political agenda."  One would think that when someone says something like this, they would mean there would no political agenda, but the facts show that Bradley's whole campaign is about furthering the extreme right wing agenda.

First off, a quick look at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's database shows that not only has Bradley made political donations, but all $1,350 of it went to Scott Walker, with the most recent being just months before he appointed her to the bench:

Click on image to embiggen
Another red flag should be when Bradley announced her campaign and named Michael Grebe as one of her campaign co-chairs.  Grebe is, as the gentle reader already knows, the head of the corrupt, racist Bradley Foundation and was Scott Walker's  campaign chairman for both of his last two campaigns.

Well, at least now we can surmise how she afforded all those mailings.

Her "nonpartisanship" is also demonstrated by the fact that she is a member of the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA).  One of the main issues for the RNLA is voter suppression, which has been shown to be targeting young minorities the most.  As written by the Republicans, the voter suppression laws would be the most restrictive in the nation.  Bradley's RNLA responded with inflammatory, irresponsible and baseless rhetoric, saying opposition to the voter suppression law came from "the far left, anti-democracy and divisive campaign funded by George Soros."

Well, that certainly makes it clearer on why Grebe is involved with the campaign.

As I had mentioned before, Bradley also did a stint as President of the Milwaukee Federalist Society - a fact that she is trying to scrub from her profiles.  The Federalist Society is funded in part by the Bradley Foundation (cue Grebe again) and the issue this presents is best described by Tom Foley, aka Illusory Tenant:

The incumbent, Republican Scott Walker appointee Rebecca Bradley, describes herself as a "nonideological" member of the Federalist Society, which is an organization of malcontents and paranoid hysterics with law degrees that was founded on political ideology. 
Kinda like being a Milwaukee Admiral but you don't play hockey.

As further proof of her "freedom of any political agenda, it should be noted that she has a rather peculiar habit of attending Republican fundraisers and other events such as the Milwaukee County Reagan Day Dinner and the Milwaukee County Lincoln Day Dinner:

Needless to say, a preponderance of the evidence shows beyond a reasonable doubt that Rebecca Bradley is an extremist and as partisan as they come.
As I noted above, the extreme right wingers are really pushing for the ultra conservative Bradley to run.

One of these extremists is radio squawker Charlie Sykes, who is pushing for her on his "White Wisconsin" page, which is funded by the Wisconsin Club for Growth.

In what I'm sure is a pure coincidence (cough, cough), the Wisconsin Club for Growth dropped $167,000 on ads to support Bradley, which is a helluva lotta money for a county circuit court race.

I am sure it is also pure coincidence (cough, cough,) that the Wisconsin Supreme Court has not even heard, much less rendered a decision regarding the slew of John Doe related cases - all involving the Wisconsin Club for Growth - that have been sent to it.

I would not be surprised to see the dark money special interest group stall any proceedings by the Supreme Court until the latter half of next year when they feel that they hope to have enough of a strangle hold on Lady Justice.

I don't think it would be possible to overemphasize the importance of this election.  We must stop the damage before we can start repairing it.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ron Johnson Won't Self-Finance 2016 Campaign Just Like He Didn't In 2010

US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) was recently on C-SPAN where he said that he would not self-finance his 2016 campaign for reelection:
When Sen. Ron Johnson seeks re-election in 2016, don't look for the Wisconsin Republican to open his own checkbook this time around.

Johnson said on C-SPAN that he's not going to self-finance another campaign.

"I made my $9 million investment in this country," Johnson said Wednesday. "I gave it once, I don't think I should do it again."
RoJo has obviously forgotten that he didn't self-finance his 2010 campaign either

His company, Pacur, financed it:
After dropping nearly $9 million from his own pocket to win a seat in the U.S. Senate, Ron Johnson didn't have to feel the pain for very long.

Johnson's plastics company paid him $10 million in deferred compensation shortly before he was sworn in as Wisconsin's junior senator, according to his latest financial disclosure report.

The first-term Republican declined to say how his Oshkosh firm, Pacur, came up with a figure that so closely mirrored the amount he personally put into his campaign fund.

"You take a look in terms of what would be a reasonable compensation package, OK?" Johnson said this week. "It's a private business. I've complied with all the disclosure laws, and I don't have to explain it any further to someone like you."


Unlike most deferred package deals, however, it appears that the company had not set aside a specified amount annually that would be paid out when he left the firm. Instead, Johnson said the $10 million payment was "an agreed-upon amount" that was determined at the end of his tenure with the company.

Agreed upon with whom?

"That would be me," he said.

Still, Johnson said he couldn't see why anyone would raise any questions about the going-away present he gave himself. His LLC now owns only 5% of Pacur.
Even that is not completely accurate.

Pacur was actually created by RoJo's father-in-law as a supplier to his other company, Curwood. RoJo married into his job.

Furthermore, RoJo was pretty dependent on government loans and HUD grants to keep his company going.

But thanks to the Citizens United decision, it is without doubt that RoJo is counting on the dark money special interest groups to support his campaign for being such a good water carrier for them during his term, so he won't need to tap into his business' coffers to support another race.

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Remembering Alexander Orlowski

Seven years ago on this date, Alexander Orlowski lost his life while incarcerated at the Milwaukee County House of Correction.

His death was the result of a drug overdose which was allowed to happen due to a severe staffing shortage, leaving corrections officers burnt out and not as effective as they could be.

A year after his passing, I had the privilege and honor of meeting his parents, Gary and Patti Orlowski, who shared the story of his troubled life and his troubling death.

Last year, the Orlowskis filed a lawsuit against the county, not for the money per se, since no amount of money will bring their son back, but to make sure that another family's son won't die because of the austerity measures that Scott Walker and Chris Abele promote every day.

I continue to wish the Orlowski family peace and strength as they carry on without their son and fighting for everyone else's sons and daughters.

Labor Unrest At MPS

On Tuesday, the Finance Committee of the Milwaukee Public School Board was to meet.

The Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association were present to speak for the need for raises for the Education Assistance, who barely make a living wage and haven't had a raise in years.

However, Committee Chair Jeff Spence led the committee out of the room before the MTEA members were allowed to speak for a "closed door session" that was scheduled for the end of the meeting.  They did not come out of the closed door session until after the MTEA members left, unheard by the committee.

On Thursday, the school board met but would not allow public comment, so MTEA and supporters from the community took a direct action by doing a mic check.

What is telling is that School Board President Michael Bonds was more concerned about having these citizens removed from the room than hearing what they had to say.

Afterwards, Bonds called the citizens "rude and disruptive."

I'm sorry, but what is rude and disruptive is school officials refusing to listen to their employees and even worse, to the general public.  They were elected to represent the public who voted for them.  They were not elected to dictate to the people who voted for them.

This is the result of Act 10, which is nothing more than an effort to silence an entire section of the population and allowing petty tyrants to just go ahead and do what they want without rhyme or reason other than just because they can.

However, history shows again and again that the people won't remain silenced and will have their voices heard one way or another.  The sooner that elected officials like the Milwaukee Public School Board learns this, the better things will be for everyone.

And if they choose to still not listen, they can be replaced by people who will.

Popcorn Turkey

It's that time of year again.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and people are starting the hustle and bustle of planning and preparing for their Turkey Day feast.

In case the gentle reader is bored of the same old routine, here is a recipe for turkey that I've been sharing ever since I was a newbie blogger:
An oldie, but a goodie...

Here is a Thanksgiving Turkey recipe that also includes the use of popcorn as a stuffing - imagine that.

When I found this recipe, I thought it was perfect for people like me, who just are not sure how to tell when poultry is thoroughly cooked, but not dried out. Give this a try.


10-12 lb. Turkey
1 cup melted butter
1 cup stuffing (Pepperidge Farm is good.)
5 cups uncooked popcorn (ORVILLE REDENBACHER 'S LOW FAT)
Salt/pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brush Turkey well with melted butter, salt, and pepper. Fill cavity with stuffing and popcorn. Place in baking pan with the neck end toward the back of the oven.Listen for the popping sounds. When the turkey's ass blows the oven door open and flies across the room, it's done.

Imagine the look on your loved ones' faces as you show off your culinary skills.
As another bit of advice, you might want to make sure you have reservations at your favorite restaurant - just in case.

Scott Walker to Join AFSCME?!

What the what?

Oh, don't worry. This particular John Doe can't be Scott Walker. The membership is for Local 645, my local, which represents Milwaukee County professionals, meaning he would need to have a college degree and that isn't about to happen any time soon.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Boss Abele Temper Tantrum Alert System Has Been Activated

Two years ago, when the Milwaukee County Board overrode some of Boss Abele's budget vetoes - especially those that attacked county workers - Abele through an epic temper tantrum.  He decided to show them by buying off a couple of Teapublican state legislators and did a massive and unprecedented power grab.

When the unions stood up to Abele's plantation economics, he tried to bust the unions - twice.

When State Representative-elect and current Supervisor David Bowen led the move to bring a living wage to Milwaukee County, Abele threw another tantrum and tried to remove all local living wage laws throughout the state.

When Abele started moves to abandon the mentally ill, the County Board demanded that it be done in a safe and responsible manner.  Abele pouted, stamped his feet and went back to his paid off state legislators to have the County Board be stripped off any and all control over the mental health program except to rubber stamp his budget for the profiteers.

Given his past behaviors, Abele must be gearing up for an F-5 temper tantrum after the county board overrode all but two of his nearly 30 vetoes on Wednesday.

Before anyone goes ballistic that the County Board didn't support Abele cutting taxes by two whole dollars, look at the actions taken by the board and see that they were completely appropriate and the right thing to do.  In Wednesday's actions, the County Board:

  • Restored $300,000 to homeless shelters. (Keep in mind that this is only November and we have already had two nights with wind chills below zero. Abele's veto was so egregious that even his own personal supervisor, Deanna Alexander, voted against him on this.)
  • Restored $300,000 for indigent burials.
  • Restored $10 million to do repairs and maintenance to county parks.
  • Restored free bus rides for the elderly and disabled.
  • Restored several positions in the Sheriff's Office to increase public safety.
  • Restored six clerical positions at the House of Correction instead of paying overtime to corrections officers to do that work instead of guarding inmates.
  • Stopped the privatization of food services at the zoo.
  • Stopped privatization of security guards and transferred them to the Sheriff's Department.  (Remember how well that idea worked out for Scott Walker when he tried it.)
  • Stopped the $2,000 pay cuts to county workers and restored a flexible spending account program, which will hopefully slow down the high rate of turnover the county is experiencing.
No "entitlements."  No lavish luxuries.  Just good, old common sense - and necessary - moves to start repairing some of the damage done by Walker and his protege, Abele.

I commend and thank Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic and the other county supervisors for standing up for Milwaukee County and its people and turning back Boss Abele's plantation economics.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Judge Rudoph Randa Asked To Once Again Interfere Into John Doe Laws

Judge Rudoph Randa
The dark money groups that are supporting Scott Walker and other Teapublicans really want to end any and all campaign regulation laws.

First, Wisconsin Club for Growth, funded by the Koch Brothers, the Bradley Foundation and other dark money groups filed a federal lawsuit to stop the John Doe investigation into the illegal collaboration between Walker and the dark money groups. Randa put a stop to the investigation until a federal appeals court overruled him and sent the case back to the state courts, where it is currently sitting in limbo.

Then another front group, hilariously named Citizens for Responsible Government, manipulated the legal system to get their lawsuit in front of Randa. Again, he ruled in the favor of the dark money group. And again, he was overruled and it was sent to the state courts, where it also sits in limbo.

Now they are at it yet again.
Atty Christopher Wiesmueller

Attorney Christopher Wiesmueller, has filed his own lawsuit regarding the John Doe investigation. Wiesmueller is the attorney that had represented Walker aide Darlene Wink in the original John Doe investigation. Wink took a plea deal and was convicted of illegal politicking. In exchange for the plea deal, Wink was to testify for the state against her fellow defendants and to the destruction of digital evidence.

It was only recently learned that Wiesmueller was the person who destroyed the digital evidence from Wink's laptop. (Waukesha County District Attorney and Wisconsin Attorney General elect Brad Schimel chose not to charge Wiesmueller for his crimes.)

Weismueller's lawsuit, which he filed against the presiding John Doe Judge, Neal Nettesheim, echoes the previous two lawsuits in an effort to dismantle the John Doe laws:
On Monday, he sued Reserve Judge Neal Nettesheim in federal court, claiming that as the judge overseeing the case that became known as "John Doe I," Nettesheim could not be "detached and neutral" when deciding whether to issue search warrants as part of that investigation.

Wiesmueller's office was searched pursuant to a Nettesheim-approved warrant in December 2011, according to the lawsuit, which names Nettesheim a defendant in both his official and unofficial capacities. Wiesmueller is representing himself in the suit.

Wiesmueller contends that not only did Nettesheim's role inherently present a conflict, the judge had a "financial interest in perpetuating" the John Doe, "as a source of income."


Wiesmueller seeks a federal court order that any Wisconsin John Doe judge is in reality part of the investigation process, and any search warrants such a judge issues as part of the John Doe violate the Fourth Amendment's protections against unreasonable searches.

Wiesmueller also seeks an injunction barring Nettesheim from issuing any search warrants related to John Doe duties he might take on in the future, as well as monetary damages and attorney fees.

Wiesmueller's suit argues that Nettesheim is not entitled to immunity, since as "a highly competent Wisconsin jurist," he knew or should have known that issuing search warrants as part of a John Doe he was presiding over violated the Fourth Amendment.

The open-ended secrecy provisions of John Doe proceedings are unlawful as well, Wiesmueller contends, because they prohibited him from discussing the search of his office under threat of contempt. He still can't talk about it, his lawsuit claims, because the order is in effect forever.

"Perpetual bans on witnesses disclosing their own testimony or investigatory experiences, even after the termination of the secret proceeding, violates the First Amendment," according to the suit.
Basically, Wiesmueller is throwing everything he can at Nettesheim in order to give the dark money groups a stronger choke hold on the democratic process.

And yes, this case is scheduled to be heard by Randa. I don't think that there should be any questions on how this will end up.

There is an added bonus to this lawsuit as well because there's more. There's always more.

The taxpayers will get to pay for legal counsel to defend Judge Nettesheim in this frivolous lawsuit, which had already been decided through other cases which appeared in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court:
Wiesmueller's Nov. 3 federal lawsuit contends that as the judge overseeing the John Doe investigation, Nettesheim essentially became part of the investigation, and could no longer be the kind of neutral magistrate who normally reviews requests for search warrants. By doing so, Nettesheim violated his Fourth Amendment rights, Wiesmueller claims.

Though Wisconsin Supreme Court cases have found that John Doe judges function in an administrative, not investigative, role and can approve subpoenas and search warrants from the John Doe, and that they can keep it all secret.
The silly season of the election cycle might be over, but in Wisconsin, the insanity and corruption remain.

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Mike Tate Has Got To Go(Version 2014)!

By Jeff Simpson

Mike Tate was on The Mike Gousha show yesterday and embarrassed the whole state, much less the Democratic Party. 

Some lowlights:


Yes "Dropping the Bomb" on Wisconsinites is very bold action.   Of course the definition of a bomb is:


noun \ˈbäm\
: a device that is designed to explode in order to injure or kill people or to damage or destroy property
the bomb : nuclear weapons
: something that is a complete failure 

Technically Mr. Tate is right Scott Walker did take bold action.  I do not know however, if that is praiseworthy.  


I called for your ouster then also because it was a Democratic wave in every state but WI.   


The best way to move the party forward is to have Mike Tate resign,  effective immediately.    Please sign this petition and contact the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and tell them it is time for a leadership change -  (608) 255-5172 (voice) or 

 One thing that was noticeable from this interview, is that there was not a single mention of the Democratic candidates who just ran or the tactics used against them.   The massive American Federation for Children's smear campaign against candidates all over the state or that the media had an October surprise based on the recollections of Swastika guy.

At least you used your five minutes on TV, post election, to sing the praises of Scott Walker.   

I wonder if Mike Tate is angling to be the next Wisconsin Railroad Commissioner?

Of Fundraising, Funerals And Ethics Fundamentals

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced the gentle reader to Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, a "rising" star among the Republicans. Alexander had gotten herself in a bit of trouble for using taxpayer dollars to help suppress the vote in Milwaukee. To make matters worse for herself, she got caught up in her lies about it.

Now Alexander is in even more hot water.

Unfortunately, her father passed away recently. And as anyone who has lost a loved one knows, funerals are expensive, even if you are making more than $50,000 a year like Alexander is.

So Alexander set up a fundraising account through

The problem is that she advertised this account on one of her Facebook pages in which she identifies herself as a "public figure" and includes a link to her campaign website:

She's already raised over $2,000, many donations from anonymous donors, including one for $1,000:

Yeah, that's an ethics problem, as Georgia Pabst of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

According to the county ethics code: "No county public official or employee shall use his/her public position or office to obtain financial gain or anything of substantial value for the private benefit of himself/herself or his/her immediate family, or for an organization with which he/she is associated."

Michael Maistelman, a lawyer who specializes in election law and who has represented the campaigns of prominent Democrats, said it appears Alexander is using her position for private gain.

"The question is would she be getting donations if she were not an elected public official," he said. "Would donations be made, or are they being made, because of who she is and her position."

With campaign contributions, contributors must give their name, address, employer and report the amount to make sure there's transparency, he said. Candidates must periodically file campaign finance reports that make that information public.

With an anonymous contribution, he said, someone could legitimately question whether there has been a violation of the public trust. That donor could be trying to get something from the county, but you don't know, Maistelman said.
To make this whole sordid affair even more sickening, she is using her office to raise funds for her father's funeral even as she voted to deny funding for indigent burials. (Over 300 families in Milwaukee County use indigent burial funds every year.)

As with most Republicans, she figures that as long she gets hers, that's all that matters and the screw the poor if they think they should get any type of help.

The good news is that Alexander won't get a free pass like she did with the voter suppression newsletters. A group called One Wisconsin Now has filed a formal complaint against Alexander:
"The law is clear and must be enforced," said Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now, in filing the complaint. "No elected official can use their status to raise personal funds, regardless of the circumstances."

Any anonymous gifts through the site would make it difficult for the public to know who may be giving to Alexander and to determine if individuals with business before the county may be attempting to influence her, the complaint states.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

People Are Starting To Speak Out Against Boss Abele's Abandonment Of Mentally Ill

While Scott Walker was Milwaukee County Executive, he continually abdicated his responsibility to the county's most vulnerable citizens.  He neglected the facility to the point that it was found to be in "  shoddy condition" by inspectors.  He hired a director who thought that allowing male patients to sexually assault female patients to be a fair trade for less fights among the male patients.

And every year, Walker tried to privatize the Community Support Programs, which are the programs that allowed people with mentally health issues to succeed in living in the community.

Fortunately, every year, the county board had the wisdom to undo Walker's cuts to these programs.

Then came along Boss Abele, Walker's buddy and protege.  Abele succeeded where Walker failed by buying some state legislatures to remove the county board - and the people's voice - from how the mental health system should be run. Now it is under the control of a panel of Abele's and Walker's political appointees who aren't answerable to anyone.

I have repeatedly pointed out how dangerous and unpopular Abele's agenda. Unfortunately, the local paper has chosen to schmooze Abele by covering up the problems.

Fortunately, the real people that are being harmed by Abele's poorly thought out and calloused approach are starting to speak out for themselves and their loved ones.

One such person, Patricia Spoerl, had the courage to speak truth to power in an effort to protect her son, a person who has benefited from the county's Community Support Programs:
People with serious mental illness need consistent care with continuity of caregivers. The caregivers need time to get to know their clients as individuals and earn their trust. Too many changes can be disorienting and upsetting for those with mental illness.

Now people with mental illness are going to be transferred to private, nonprofit agencies. These agencies often do not pay adequate wages, and their caseworkers often are overburdened with cases. Employee burnout is a real risk for caseworkers dealing with severely mentally disabled clients. Those of us with friends and family members who have mental illness have many stories to share about private CSPs, not all of them encouraging. John has been served both by a private CSP and by the county CSP, and he has said repeatedly that the county CSP is by far the best program of any he has dealt with.

Due to privacy regulations, county CSP workers have been hampered in telling their side of the story.

As Milwaukee County shuts down its hospital for those with mental illness, I certainly would have preferred that the money saved have been put back into the county CSPs and that these tried-and-true, professionally run programs be expanded rather than shut down and outsourced.

Public officials charged with overseeing care for those with mental illness must provide the private agencies with the resources they need to serve their clients well and monitor their performance closely. Our whole community has an obligation to demand adequate care for those of our neighbors who need a great deal of professional and compassionate assistance if they are to live dignified human lives.
Sadly, the privatization will happen in a few weeks and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it, especially when Abele took away control of the system from the people of Milwaukee County.

Also sadly, there probably won't be much of an uproar about it. It's another lesson Boss Abele learned from his friend and mentor, Walker - no one cares about crazy people.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Compassionate Conservatism Version 2016

George Bush not only made the term "compassionate conservatism" a common phrase but also showed what a joke it is.

Last year, Scott Walker picked up where Bush left off when he tried to defend his indefensible decision to reject federal money for Medicaid expansion:
Speaking to an audience of hundreds at a meeting here of business lobby Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, Walker said his plan would cover somewhat fewer people than a full expansion of Medicaid as provided under the federal health care law, which he said would cover 252,700 people, or 28,100 more than his own approach. But the Republican governor said that his proposal, which shrinks state health programs by a few thousand patients, would reduce the role of government in people's lives and make them more independent.

"Some people will portray this as not caring about people. I think it's just the opposite. I care too much about the people of this state not to empower them to control their own destiny," Walker told the audience.
Now that Walker is officially unofficially running for president, he is kicking his compassionate conservatism up a notch by adding a little patriotism:
“Beyond that, I just ask the basic question: Why is more people on Medicaid a good thing?” he said. “I’d rather find a way, particularly for able-bodied adults without children, I’d like to find a way to get them into the workforce. I think ideologically, that’s a better approach, not just as a conservative, but as an American. Have more people live the American dream if they’re not dependent on the American government.”
Don't you just get the feeling that he is going to just love all the poor people to death?

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXXXVIII

The "good news" following Scott Walker's reelection keeps coming in:
The Kmart store in Eau Claire will close to the public in early February, according to a corporate news release.

The store, located at 2424 E. Clairemont Ave., will remain open to customers until February. A liquidation sale begins Nov. 16.

The store closure is part of a series of actions to reduce on-going expenses, adjust the asset base and accelerate the transformation of our business model, the news release states.

The store has 93 employees, most of which are part time. Associates that are eligible will receive severance and have the opportunity to apply for open positions at other area Sears or Kmart stores.
Again and again, we continue to see stores pulling out of Wisconsin because they are underproducing. And the reason they are underproducing is because the people simply don't have the money to spend on anything but the very basics, and all too often, the people don't even have enough money for just the basics.

This blame for this issue falls directly on Walker, who tanked the economy so that he could give our money to his wealthy campaign donors.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Scott Walker - Job Creator!

Doesn't the guy on the left look a bit like Scott Walker - complete with the cabinet-induced bald spot?

Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day - A national holiday on which Republicans feign support for veterans even as they are cutting their benefits.

Thank a veteran for their service and call your legislators on the national and state and local levels and demand that they provide genuine support for our American heroes and their families.

Scott Walker Versus Jay Cutler

Scott Walker is very proud of himself because one of his campaign staffers sent out the following tweet:

Two things:

One, Walker might have more wins than Cutler, but Cutler has done more good for Wisconsin than Walker.

Two, if we look at both of them just on their poor performances, Cutler might be able to beat Walker in an election.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Why Wisconsin Democrats Are In Disarray And How To Fix It

When I was a young man, my grandfather told me that he almost always voted for Democrats.  He
said that they were the party that stood with the working people, with unions, for equal rights and for more democracy.

Indeed, as I look back on my life, I can't help but note that when times were good, Democrats were in charge. I would get raises if not chance to move up in the company or move into a better job.  My taxes would go down and I had big dreams.

But when I would get laid off, take a pay cut and see my taxes go up, Republicans were in charge.

So when it came to elections, I would take a close look at both candidates, but would usually vote for the Democrat, even though I never joined the party.   Their candidates reflected closest to my values and had plans that would make things better for everyone and not just a select few, like the Republicans wanted to do.

But then things started to change.

While there were still good Democrats to support and vote for, they seemed to becoming more scarce.  Many Democrats started to forget what made them popular and kept them in office and started top embrace the corporate agenda that the Republicans hold dear.

This retreat from their tradition values escalated after the protests of 2011 ended.

We had an alarmingly large number of Democrats that were willing to sell out their constituents in regards to things like school privatization and food stamps.

We had people like Senator Lena Taylor that not only was feeding at the education profiteers' trough, but feeding into the NRA and going along with concealed carry and the Castle Doctrine.

Most alarming was Chris Abele, whose only value that could be progressive would be his support of marriage equality.  But when it came to other traditional Democratic values, Abele was actively opposed to them.

In the past four years, Abele has tried to bust public sector workers twice; sang the praises of Act 10; he actively fought against a living wage; he destroyed representative government in Milwaukee County; he attacked fellow Democrats, including State Senator Chris Larson, County Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic and other county supervisors; he donated money to rabid Teapublicans like Dale Kooyenga and Joe Sanfelippo and even held a fundraiser for Deanna Alexander.

Yet the leadership of the Democratic Party - namely Mike Tate - did nothing to hold him accountable. Even worse, they actually honored Abele by having him  speak at one of their dinners.  Fortunately, the unions were present to hold him accountable even if the party was unwilling to.

It's not like Tate and the Democrats couldn't hold him responsible. After all, President Obama did so when he came to Milwaukee to celebrate Labor Day with us.  At the request of the unions and the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, Obama made it clear that Abele was not invited to participate in the day's events.

Things culminated last week when the Democrats got their butts handed to them again - the third time in four years - on Election Day.

Now, Tate was not responsible for Burke's horribly ran campaign or for her decisions to take the wrong stance on some key issues.

But he was responsible for clearing the field of other candidates and taking away any other choices for the people to support.  And yes, Tate was pushing for Burke even before she was an officially declared candidate.  He met with me while her candidacy was just a rumor and red flags were already popping up.

Obviously, he did not listen to my concerns at the time.  Just like he is not listening to the concerns of the people now:
Tate said he would make a decision on running in the new year. He said if he does run again he expects he would win, but if he doesn’t it would have nothing to do with Tuesday’s election.

“I think that we’ve done a tremendous job of building the party infrastructure,” Tate said.

“I have not had a single party leader or single party member or anyone active in the campaign (say), ‘This wave that swept across 30 states was your fault, you need to step down,’ ” Tate said
Tate is obviously not telling the truth. Plenty of party members are calling for him to step down, as illustrated in the petition drive Jeff Simpson had already reported on.

And even if they hadn't called for him to step down, there is nothing keeping Tate from doing the right thing on his own initiative, as his counterpart in Ohio did.

The most clear example of how far the Democrats have drifted from their origins is presented that when one considers how Tate led them to yet another bloodbath in the same election that several referendum questions that included raising the minimum wage, expanding health care and lowering costs and getting corporate money out of politics all passed with resounding success.

If the Dems had stuck to what works and improved their messaging, they - and the state in general - wouldn't be in the mess they are in now.

Tate needs to do what's right for his party and for the future by resigning now.  His failure to do so only shows that he is more worried about himself and about preserving the party machine instead of the party and its people.

Then, and only then, can they get back to be Democrats instead of Republicrats and get about winning elections and restoring the state.

Corporate Media's Freudian Slip

For once, a newspaper does some honest reporting.  The following image is from the West Bend Daily News:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

To Mike Tate, Peter Barca and Chris Larson! Please Do The Right Thing!

By Jeff Simpson

After a recent election drubbing, its time to lick the wounds and move on.   It is also time to move on with new leadership all across the board! 

That starts especially in the State Assembly where Peter Barca has overseen a complete transformation from being the majority party to being a party that hold the same amount of power as the office cactus(water rarely but usually pretend its not there).    Barca, overseeing the Assembly races, let 26 of the seats go unchallenged.   Does he even try anymore?  

Why in the world with that record he would want to continue on is beyond me.  Unfortunately for the left side of WI he does.   Fortunately though Evan Goyke is stepping up to challenge him!  if you are lucky enough to live in one of the few districts represented by a Democrat that is left, call your rep and say  - "Please for all that is Holy do NOT vote for Peter Barca to be Minority Leader.  Fine Assemblyman, horrendous Minority leader." (or something to that extent). 

Chris Larson, fresh off the Pat Bohmack debacle, is running again.  While Mr. Larson blatantly mishandled this Senate race and cost the dems a seat, he has only done it one term.   I would not be opposed to giving him another chance, BUT Jennifer Schilling is challenging him(sad Kathleen Vinehout isn't).  I highly recommend voting Schilling!  

Which bring us to Mike Tate.    Mike Tate has a long record of massive failure and this years election was no exception.  As Callen Harty pointed out, his record is not pretty!

Below are some of the highlights of Tate’s career.
He was the State Field Director for Kathleen Falk’s losing bid for the governorship in 2002. In 2004, a year before he graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a bachelor’s degree in political science, he was named the Deputy State Director of America Coming Together (ACT). The national organization disbanded in 2005.
Also in 2004 he served as the State Director of Dean for America. Howard Dean had lost several primaries by the time Wisconsin’s came up. Dean had pretty much listed Wisconsin as a must win and indicated he believed that a win in Wisconsin could turn his entire campaign around and lead him to the Presidency. Under Mike Tate’s leadership of the state campaign Dean finished third here with only 18% of the vote. It pretty much ended his campaign and any chance of becoming President.
Fair Wisconsin in its desperate bid to defeat the 2006 Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in the state of Wisconsin hired Mike Tate to lead the campaign against it. The citizens of the state voted for the amendment with just under 60% of the voters supporting discrimination against their fellow citizens.
In 2008 he was the Executive Director of Advancing Wisconsin, a group that funneled money into the 2008 campaign to elect Barack Obama. Obama did win Wisconsin that year, one of the few things Tate has been associated with where his candidate or position fared well. According to an NPR special series called “secret money project” by Will Evans (11/3/08) Tate was quoted as saying that instead of the group fading away after the election he wanted to create “a permanent grassroots field-organizing infrastructure in Wisconsin.” Great idea if it were true. The organization’s website is no longer active and they are no longer registered with the Internal Revenue Service.
After his service with Advancing Wisconsin Tate became the chairman of Wisconsin’s Democratic Party. There has not been much to cheer about during his tenure. Wisconsin lost one of its most popular Senators when Russ Feingold fell to Ron Johnson. Also in that time Scott Walker won the governorship in 2010, became the first governor in U. S. history to survive a recall election, and proceeded to win re-election in 2014. The Democrats put forth Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett against Walker in 2010 and tried him again in the recall. This year the party, under Tate’s leadership, got behind the virtually unknown businesswoman Mary Burke almost as soon as she announced her candidacy. It was clear they had handpicked her and while Tate denied the party was endorsing her they did everything but come out and say it. Party regulars were denied a meaningful primary and never got fired up for her candidacy. She lost by 5%. Madison and Milwaukee voters did not turn out for her.
The amount of pain his incompetence has cost this state is almost unimaginable.   One good thing to come out of this though, is we finally found a way to bring the state together.  Start a petition to get Mike Tate to resign and people from all over the state will gladly sign it! 

I Signed and I recommend you do too!

It is time that Mr. Tate, Mr Barca and Mr. Larson  do the right thing. Step aside and clear the way for new leadership in our rudderless state.   Continue serving your constituents as well as you have been, work with the new leaders to advance our party, but please do not get in the way of needed and necessary change!

Ron Johnson Is Number One!

The Washington Post says that the Republican majority in the US Senate could very well be a short lived one. Democrats would need to flip four or five seats to regain control and of the ten most vulnerable seats, eight of them are Republican.

Leading the list as the most vulnerable and the seat most likely to flip is that of Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI):
1. Wisconsin (R): Sen. Ron Johnson starts the 2016 election cycle as the most vulnerable senator on the map. He's undefined in the eyes of many, polling shows; and he's running in a state that has gone Democratic in seven straight presidential elections. To boot, there are rumors that Democrat Russ Feingold, who Johnson unseated in 2010, may run. Feingold would start with high name recognition and a loyal liberal following.
RoJo took office in 2010, during the midterm Republican sweep, in an upset over the very popular Feingold.

RoJo likes to claim that he is a self-made millionaire businessman and that everyone could be if only it weren't for that darn government getting in the way. Poor old RoJo forgets that he actually married into the millions he has and that the company he runs was a gift from his father-in-law.

RoJo apparently learned his hatred of government when he got a low interest government loan of $2.5 million. (Maybe he got upset when he had to pay it back.) The poor suffering man also had to endure getting a railroad line built up to his factory, thanks to a HUD grant.

And showing that he is a typical Republican hypocrite, RoJo has some of his employees on the state-subsidized BadgerCare. Yet other employees are actually prison inmates who work for serf wages and have health care provided by the state.

Yes, Rojo has really suffered at the hands of the government.

Other RoJo highlights include, but are in no way limited to, the following:
As the gentle reader can see, there is ample fodder to use against RoJo.

Furthermore, the authors of the WaPo article are correct that in Wisconsin's state wide races, where gerrymandering is not a factor, tends to go to Democrats, especially in presidential years. In 2012, Senator Tammy Baldwin easily defeated former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson.

If Feingold does run again, and wins, that would go a long way to make up for the embarrassment of Scott Walker being elected three times in four years as governor.

Taxpayer Funded Voter Suppression - There's More!

Deanna Alexander and her benefactor, Boss Abele
Last week, we reported about Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, a "rising star" among Republicans who caught caught using taxpayer money to send out a newsletter falsely informing people that they needed a photo ID to vote, even though the US Supreme Court had put a stop to it for the November elections.

Alexander defended herself by saying that she sent out a correction postcard to notify her constituents that her newsletter contained the false claim.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a blurb about the incident, giving Alexander cover by calling it a mistake.

Instead of keeping quiet and hoping the story would go away, Alexander tore into the journalist, Georgia Pabst, in a press release from her official office. Alexander accused the reporter of of "sloppy journalism":
Friday evening, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter Georgia Pabst published an article with a misleading title and context.

Ms. Pabst called Supervisor Deanna Alexander twice on Friday to ask about a newsletter sent to constituents in October. The newsletter, accurate at publication, alerted fall general election voters that they would need to show a photo ID to vote. After the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the Voter ID requirement for the November election, Supervisor Alexander used email, social media, and a second mailing—a bold post card—to update voters with the new information that electors would not need to provide an ID in order to vote.

“Ms. Pabst knew all of this, yet continued to publish an article falsely proclaiming that the notice was a mistake,” Supervisor Alexander said. “This irresponsible report has increased confusion by leading voters to believe that I either didn’t notice the error or purposely sent untrue information.”

“Ms. Pabst knew on Friday that I had provided voters with two rounds of information and that each were accurate at the time I published them; there was no mistake. Her article is
disappointing and sloppy journalism.” Supervisor Alexander concluded.
Like I said, Alexander would have been better keeping her mouth shut.

It turns out that Pabst did some more of that sloppy journalism and found that Alexander was lying through her teeth.

First off, she did not send the correction postcard. Milwaukee County Clerk Joe Czarnezki, who had received numerous complaints about Alexander's newsletter, is the person who sent out the postcard correcting her lie:
The post card mailing sent out the weekend before the November 4 election to 7,000 constituents of County Supervisor Deanne Alexander to tell them they did not need a photo ID to vote, was initiated and paid for by County clerk Joe Czarnezki.

Czarnezki said he received complaints about the information in Alexander’s newsletter that was received by many residents in Alexander’s northwest side district the weekend of October 25 saying they needed photo ID to vote. After consulting with the Government Accountability Board in Madison, the board recommended that correspondence be sent correcting the information, so the post card mailing was prepared, he said.

Postage and mailing for the post card cost about $2,000, he said. Alexander’s name was on the post card, along with Czarnezki’s . She contacted him about the matter after the post card preparation was under way, he said.
But there's more!

Pabst found out that Alexander's misleading and false newsletter wasn't mailed until October 21, almost two full weeks after the Supreme Court ruling. Alexander had more than enough time to stop the mailing of the newsletter, if not the printing of it. Yet she willfully chose to do nothing.

Something tells me that this is not the end of this story. Because when it comes to Republican corruption, there's more. There's always more.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Boss Abele Goes MIA Again

Earlier this year, when Boss Abele was supposed to have presented his 2015 recommended budget to the Milwaukee County Board, he ended up being missing in action.  We searched high and low, but know seemed to know where he was.

Abele finally stumbled into the courthouse a week late to present his budget.  Sadly, he had the thing so fouled up that people wished he had stayed missing.

Unfortunately, it appears that Boss Abele has gone MIA yet again.

On Wednesday, the first item on the Finance, Personnel and Audit Committee's agenda was to hear from Boss Abele talk about his budget and the corrections that the County Board had to make for it.

But Abele was a no show, no call.

In fact, his staff has been absent for most of the budget hearings.  Apparently, he doesn't feel the need to be accountable for his decisions or their consequences.

Because we are concerned for his safety - even though the feeling is not mutual - we are again in search of the missing Boss Abele.  To help us in this search, we have again put his picture on milk cartons:

And since Abele is not the type of person who would mingle with the common folk who drink milk, we are also reaching out to his fellow country club members in a manner they can relate to:

In all seriousness, this is an insult to every taxpayer in the county.  The fact that he doesn't feel that answering questions about his budget and providing rationales for his decisions is condescending and is in no way being a representative of the people.

Sadly, he cannot be held accountable for this dereliction of duty for another 15 months when he is up for reelection.  Then he can go missing as long as he likes.  I don't think many people will be looking for him by then.

Boss Abele Has Another Really Bad Election Night

Chris Abele used to think he was a major power player and had set his aim on increasing his sphere of influence - so much so that he had started to refer to himself as Boss Abele.

Then the August primaries came and the Abele Party got creamed.  The two Democrats that Abele supported - Jon Richards and Chris Moews - failed to make it through the primaries.  His two hand-picked candidates - Dan Adams and Tia Torhorst - fared even worse.

Just as the wounds from that butt-kicking were finally healing, the general election comes along and kicks Boss Abele's butt again.

Boss Abele went all in with trying to buy influence by giving tens of thousands of dollars to Mary Burke's campaign.  Lord only knows how much more money he flooded into the race in other ways.

Yet Burke lost despite his large donations - or maybe partly because of them.  It probably didn't help that Abele refused to release the Walkergate emails until it was too late to do any good.

Adding to Abele's bad election night was the fact that the Move to Amend referendum, which he actively fought to stop - to the point of trying to illegally charge private citizens to have it put on the ballot - passed with a 70-30% landslide

Abele's misery didn't end there.

While the county administrator referendum did not pass, it showed an amazing amount of people that are so upset with his power grab and plutocratic schemes that they were willing to consider making real reforms to county government.

Boyd McCamish, Executive Director for AFSCME District Council 48, issued the following press release which describes what the results mean:
A campaign to eliminate the office of Milwaukee County Executive garnered surprisingly strong support in Tuesday’s election, a slap in the face to the current occupant of that office.

More than 134,000 Milwaukee County voters, or 44% of the electorate, voted to replace the County Executive with a professional county administrator.

“This is a stunning repudiation of the high-handed regime of County Executive Chris Abele,” said Boyd McCamish, executive director of AFSCME Council 48.

“A lot of people in this community realize Abele’s efforts to concentrate power in his office and hobble the county board through Act 14 have really hurt our local democracy,” McCamish said.

Abele’s efforts to ram through his budget and stifle public participation in the process are not sitting will with county citizens.

“This is a clear vote of no confidence for Chris Abele. When so many people want to do away with the office you occupy, there’s no way to sugarcoat the fact the public is really unhappy with the way you approach your job,” McCamish said.
Nope, not a good night at all for Boss Abele.

But at least he did have one victory come out of Tuesday. One of the candidates that he supports and gave at least $1,000 to did win his race.

Sadly, that candidate is Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, a rabid and corrupt Teapublican who is bad news for the state, especially Milwaukee.

And to think that Abele wants to run for higher office.  With Democrats like him, who needs Republicans?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Traitor in Our Midst!


By Jeff Simpson

We at Cogdis brought you the story behind Tanya Bjork who was the top political advisor for Mary Burke.   We told you that for the Mary Burke campaign to succeed, she needed to rid herself of the weight of someone who was knee deep in the former caucus scandal and has turned into a republican lobbyist(owner with her husband of Capitol Navigators).   

A quick check of the Campaign Finance Database and we see that the very same lobbyist firm that Tanya Bjork is an owner of was sending thousands of dollars to Wisconsin Republicans in this election cycle.   

You absolutely can NOT make this stuff up.   While Mary Burke and the Dem party was begging you for money, her top campaign adviser was sending thousands to the Republicans!   Let than sink in for a minute.   In the meantime, Mary Burke was paying Ms. Bjork $10,000/Month of YOUR money to advise her. 

I wonder if she sent information also or just checks? 

To make matters worse, back when we were bringing the original stories to you, Ms. Bjork had on her Linkedin profile that she was a partner in Capitol Navigators.   Now in the same profile, she has scrubbed all mentions of CapNav and any mention of working with Mary Burke

What a great person, aiding the opponent and not acknowledging her friends presence. 

Textbook example of the old saying "With friends like this who needs enemies?"

People tell me that she will probably be on Hillary's team in 2016.  I am actually a fan of Hillary in 2016 but if Tanya is in, I am out! 

We were Bjorked this time, I wont be Bjorked again!