Friday, September 23, 2016

Racism Is Boiling Up All Over Society

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By Jeff Simpson

Seattle Mariners catcher Steve Clevenger, saw what was going on in Charlotte, NC after a black man reading a book was shot and killed by local law enforcement and tweeted this out:

It is nice that Mr. Clevenger has his baby daughter overlooking these tweets....but that is another story.  After these tweets, the sportswriters in the country(who have never been afraid to jump on their high horse), started calling for the immediate release of Mr. Clevenger.

Personally, I find what Steve Clevenger tweeted to be deplorable, BUT I do not think that he should be "immediately released".   Having a stupid, racist beliefs and opinion should not get one fired, it also should not make you the Republican nominee for President but that is also another story.

Recently,  prominent columnist from the Chicago Tribune, Steve Kass, wrote basically the same thing as Clevenger's tweets in long form, in a recent column.

No one has called for Kass to be fired, as a matter of fact, our friends at Right Wisconsin, gleefully reposted it!

  “And by shootings I don’t mean thugs shooting off guns in the air. I mean shootings where bullets pierce human skin, destroying flesh, bones, organs and lives,” wrote Kass. “On average, 12 people are shot in Chicago every day.”As comedian Larry Wilmore pointed out in 2015, “thug” is the word conservatives use now that they’ve realized that “ni**er” is out-of-bounds.
Furthermore, he resists calling black men “men,” but continually refers to them as “boys.” This echoes a racist means of dishonoring and dehumanizing black men —calling them, no matter their age, “boy.”But Kass doesn’t even attempt to cloak his disdain for the black community and what he perceives as the damage done by our country instituting a social safety net half a century ago.
“The shooters, these feral young men, aren’t an accident,” wrote Kass, using the word “feral” a second time — a word generally reserved for stray dogs, cats and other animals. “They are the direct product of the Democratic welfare state that helped destroy families. The government became the father, the fathers became irrelevant or were driven off, and black families that had withstood decades of Jim Crow segregation began to collapse. And that was generations ago.”
Kass’ argument here is essentially that black people are lazy and Democrats and liberals want to give them “free stuff” — another favorite conservative trope. African-Americans, they say, have latched on to the welfare system an alternative to work.
“Now, there aren’t enough jobs for unskilled labor,” he moans, as if black workers are incapable of any other kind.

As someone who believes in Restorative Justice, and not punitive justice, releasing him would not solve or educate anyone in this instance.  Maybe the Mariners could mandate that he spend a day with Nigel Hayes, and make sure John Kass joins him,

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nigel Tweets - And You Should Listen!

By Jeff Simpson

If you have not had a conversation about Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter, and the growing number of African Americans suffering at the hands of police all over the country then you have been living under a rock.  

It is everywhere from the news to the sports page, the schools to the playgrounds.  It is on the talk shows, the political shows and the sports shows.   For example, Marshawn Lynch recently made an appearance on the Conan O'Brien show.

"I think you have players that are trying to take a stand and trying to be aware of social issues and try to make a stand and increase peoples' awareness and put a spotlight on it, and they're being ignored. Whether they're taking a knee or whether they're locking arms, they're trying to bring people together and unite them for a cause. I think the last couple days, a couple more guys have gotten shot and killed in the middle of the street. More videos have come out of guys getting killed, and I think people are still missing the point. The reason these guys are kneeling, the reason we're locking arms is to bring people together, to make people aware that this is not right. It's not right for people to get killed in the street."
In Wisconsin, one of our own(Nigel Hayes), sat down at his computer, took to twitter, and patiently tried to educate his followers.   Here are some highlights, but I highly recommend reading through Nigel;s whole twitter timeline.    

Before we begin, Nigel assigned this article as homework before he starts his class.   
According to the most recent census data, there are nearly 160 million more white people in America than there are black people. White people make up roughly 62 percent of the U.S. population but only about 49 percent of those who are killed by police officers. African Americans, however, account for 24 percent of those fatally shot and killed by the police despite being just 13 percent of the U.S. population. As The Post noted in a new analysis published last week, that means black Americans are 2.5 times as likely as white Americans to be shot and killed by police officers.
U.S. police officers have shot and killed the exact same number of unarmed white people as they have unarmed black people: 50 each. But because the white population is approximately five times as great as the black population, that means unarmed black Americans were five times as likely as unarmed white Americans to be shot and killed by a police officer.

Now some highlights! 

Mr. Hayes started here:

 While many in White America get upset when athletes speak up, we hear the standard line of "shut up and play".  I think it is time that we start giving credit where it is due and instead of saying "shut up and play" we should be saying - "Stop playing for a minute and let us know your thoughts on _____"!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Anniversary, Scott Walker!

Happy Anniversary to Scott Walker!

It was one year ago today that Scott Walker's presidential aspirations were officially declared dead.

When he ended his 70-day campaign, he was a hot mess.  His campaign owed over a million dollars and he was underwater in the pools, with less than a 40% approval rating. When he dropped out, he encouraged other Republican hopefuls to follow his lead so that there could be a focus on keeping Donald Trump from being the Republican nominee.

One year later and we find that Walker isn't faring any better than he was then - and in some ways, even worse off.

His campaign still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars and he is becoming more and more desperate in trying to raise any money to pay off his massive debt.

His approval rating is still underwater, as evidenced by a Marquette University poll that came out today:
Gov. Scott Walker's job approval was 43%, with 52% disapproving of his performance.
And now we find Walker touting Trump and encouraging people to vote for him.

And as the icing on his anniversary of failure cake, The Guardian recently reported on new Walkergate emails which really show just how corrupt Walker is and how he ran the state on a strictly pay-for-play basis.

So Happy Anniversary to Scott Walker! Now let's all raise our glasses in a toast that Walker will still get the one gift that he so richly deserves - an indictment.

Bizarro World - Day 2

By Jeff Simpson 

Here we go again, straight down the rabbit hole.   In today's beware of locust news.

This person has put out an ad questioning Hillary's health(doing Beloit College proud):

Here is the ad the "super" PAC put out:

Continuing in Bizarro world Ms. Hendricks has all of a sudden taken an interest in emails, since she was the one who gave a million dollars to Governor Scott Walker to escape justice for his illegal email server.  

The Bizarro world extends beyond just Wisconsin....Don King introduced Don Trump last night(H/T @nicholsuprising):

But Wait there is more:

The original orange man, influence peddler and former Speaker of the House, was just hired to the Squire Patton Boggs law firm that is also one of the most powerful lobbying firms in Washington DC(h/t @lhfang). All of which is fine, except that Mr. Boehner is not a lawyer and he promises he will not be lobbying.

John A. Boehner, the former speaker of the House who left Congress and his leadership post last year, is joining Squire Patton Boggs, a Washington-based law firm long known for its lobbying work.
However, Mr. Boehner, who served as speaker for four years and as a Republican representative from Ohio for 24 years, will not lobby in his new role at the law firm. Instead, he will serve “as a strategic adviser to clients” in the United States and abroad on global business development, according to the firm’s announcement.
Mr. Boehner, 66, who is not a lawyer and ran a small business in Ohiobefore his election to Congress, left the speakership at a time of conflicts with conservative members of his own party, who criticized his legislative deal making and called him a sellout.
His negotiating skills will be put to use in his new job, where he will have “the opportunity to engage with leaders in business and government throughout the world and help them work through the challenges they face, as part of a world-class team,” he said in his statement.
 I hope this is the last one of these ,,,,but somehow I doubt it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Bizarro World Of WI Politcs & The Donald

By Jeff Simpson

With the polls tightening, both sides are trying to collect as much cash as humanly possible.   While Hillary is spending her money like water, trying to tell us what a horrible person The Donald is(like we did not already know) and The Donald is using his to keep filling his families bank accounts.

Here is where the Bizarro world comes into play.  Bobby Kraft will be holding a fundraiser for The Donald.  

Friends, Bobby Kraft and I will be hosting Donald J. Trump Jr. at my house the evening of October 4th at 7pm. Please send me a personal message if you would like to attend. $250 per attendee or $1,000 if you want a photo! I've already stated the case for why I'm involved in this campaign earlier. No need to comment below lol.

Why is this Bizarro world when two guys want to hold a fundraiser for the Donald?  Well Mr. Kraft has been in the news lately for (drum roll please)  filing bankruptcy!  

Milwaukee businessman Robert M. "Bobby" Kraft has filed for personal bankruptcy, the latest in a string of court cases sparked by his financial troubles.
 The former CEO of the now-defunct First Edge Solutions Inc. and World Marketing Holdings LLC listed debts of $1 million to $10million on his Chapter 7 petition, against assets of $100,001 to $500,000.
 Chapter 7 is a liquidation proceeding in which a debtor's assets are sold to raise money to repay creditors at least part of what they are owed.
 Last summer, Kraft took First Edge into receivership, a state court proceeding similar to bankruptcy. He resigned as CEO of the fulfillment and direct-mail firm in September.
Come to think of it, who is more suited to hold a fundraiser for The Donald than someone who has declared bankruptcy and is stiffing his vendors and employees.    The Trump family needs the money more, not that $1000 for a picture with the great orange one is a bad investment of course since he definitely takes the best pictures.  

But wait there is more.   The guy who wants to deport 11 million Muslims, is holding a fundraiser with Bobby Kraft whose father, makes a mint selling citizenship to foreigners(via EB-5).   

You can not make this stuff up!  

  Kraft is the son of Robert W. "Bob" Kraft, who has been a leading figure in Milwaukee in helping wealthy foreign nationals invest in the U.S. in exchange for permanent residency status.
Daddy Kraft is also one of Scott Walker's biggest donors, and his son is holding a fundraiser for the guy who Scott Walker tried to knock out of the Presidential Primary race - (with his big line _ "We don't need another apprentice in the White House."

But wait there is even more! 

The person who Bob Jr. is holding the fundraiser with, Andy Nunemaker, is a well known gay playboy in Milwaukee.   

Nunemaker, picked as one of Milwaukee’s hottest singles by M Magazine, told a reporter  he would find it difficult to date a smoker, or anybody over 30. He maintains his eligibility by being judged by another publication as among Milwaukee’s fittest executives, thanks, perhaps to that gym in the basement.

The most interesting thing about Mr. Nunemaker though is WHY he is choosing to put his efforts and his money behind The Donald(emphasis mine):

 Friends,I'm not a fan of heavy political statements on Facebook. I do, however, wish to share some of my thinking on the Presidential race. I'm horribly disappointed in both party's nominees. Donald Trump is a flawed candidate, but I also believe a Trump presidency is the best chance America has if we wish to move out of political gridlock and pass Paul Ryan's agenda for a better way forward. I have chosen to publicly and financially support the Trump/Pence ticket. Rather than comment below, please feel free to message me with any questions or comments. God Bless America

The best way to get Paul Ryan(R-Wall St.)'s agenda passed is to elect a sexist, racist, misogynist, con man to the White House.  

Let that sink in for a minute!  

This is truly interesting times that we live in.   I fear our children and grandchildren will not look kindly on this time in our history!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Tyler August Deserves A New Job

By Jeff Simpson 

Tyler August, speaker pro tem of the Republican party of Wisconsin is running for re-election.  As Dave Zweifel put it, Mr. August has a reputation of not being the hardest worker.

State Rep. Tyler August, a 31-year-old Republican from Lake Geneva, is this year's poster boy for why Wisconsin needs to return to the days of a part-time Legislature.
August, who isn't exactly known as one of the Legislature's more productive members, became incensed earlier in the week after reading a story that Madison police had used a sting operation to nab two guys for violating the city's taxicab regulations and fined them each $1,317.
What do our full-time legislators do in their free time when they become incensed? They call their full-time and well-compensated staffs and order them to put together a press release, of course. What better way to keep your name before the public during an election year, especially if you can say something that many might consider outlandish?
Outlandish is exactly how August sounded, if not a bit stupid.

August has a pretty good gig, for not working very hard.

 Since then he's been receiving $49,943 a year plus $133 per diem for the days he's in Madison, mileage to drive back and forth from Lake Geneva, health insurance and pension coverage and a bunch of other perks, not to mention full-time staffers (August has two) to put together press releases and handle letters to constituents.

 Of course that isn't enough for Mr August  because a quick look at his campaign finance reports and you see he likes to supplement his income with your money.  He has reimbursed himself well over $2000 for "expenses" such as mileage, steak dinner at the Tornado rooms and a nice summer stay at a waterpark in the Dells(PS: The Tornado room and Dells are not in his district).

Another fun tidbit from his campaign finance reports he was reimbursed $900 for a trip to the ALEC conference,      I guess $900 is not much to pay to have someone do your thinking for you

To end the reign of gerry mandered districts, lazy reps with no independent thoughts and rubber stamps for a corrupt Governor.

The people of the 32nd district deserve a hardworking woman who will go to Madison to represent you, like you deserve to be represented.

Christine Welcher is a farmer and educator and proud alumni of UW-Madison and will make a difference for all Wisconsinites when you send her there.

Send Christine a few bucks or go help her out for a few hours.  She can win this with our help!

Let's show Tyler August how hard it is to get a good job with excellent benefits in The right to work world of Fitzwalkerstan!

By the way....a little fun fact: Our old friend Scott Tyre sent Tyler August $500!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Righty's Get Your Guns

By Jeff Simpson

There seems to be a common theme lately running through the Republican Party and it all starts at the top.   The Republican nominee reality star has crossed the line numerous times and has done it once again.

First off The Donald once again hints at taking your guns and going after Hillary.

 Donald Trump on Friday wondered aloud what would happen to Hillary Clinton should her Secret Service detail disarm."I think her bodyguards should drop all weapons. Disarm immediately," Trump said. "Take their guns away, let's see what happens to her."
"Take their guns away, OK? It'll be very dangerous," he added.

The latest round of #WALKERDOCS show us that Head of the Wisconsin GOP and formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen sent an email the night of the Prosser/Kloppenburg race when they were worried that their personal Supreme Court Justice was going to actually not be elected:

The head of American Federation of Children advises his employees to lie like crazy, get as much misinformation as they can get on the airwaves and send "lawyers, guns and money."    Excellent example for children he continually sets.   Not sure who he wanted to send the guns for, but I am guessing some people are very lucky they were able to fix the recount in their favor.  

Finally, as we pointed out recently, the "education reporter" for the right wing Bradley funded blog,  did not like that Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers criticized ACT 10.  Which Mr. Wigderson answered by writing a blog post and putting Superintendent Evers picture up with the caption - "Get Your Guns".  

Nothing like giving the crazies who follow you and the angry racists who support you, permission to go shoot your enemies.    As soon as one of their followers take them up on their offer, then we will really see how "The Shit Has Hit the fan."

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Robin Vos Explains Why Scott Walker Broke The Law

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By Jeff Simpson

Robin Vos (R-Adulterer) in 2014, told us exactly why Scott Walker is and was guilty in the John Doe case.

Vos also took issue with allegations that Walker's campaign coordinated efforts with outside conservative groups like Wisconsin Club for Growth. He said neither the governor nor his campaign committee violated any state law.
 "An elected official has the ability to help raise money for the campaign or to appear in events that do," Vos said. "They can't have any direct efforts or their campaign staff can't have direct efforts in how the money is spent.
 "If my campaign committee coordinated with someone on how the money is spent to elect me, that crosses the line," Vos said. "And that never happens."

While Robin Vos being clueless to his surroundings is not news, the fact is, with the latest Guardian email release, we know that it did happen and it happened right under Robin's nose.

the organization of the different elements of a complex body or activity so as to enable them to work together effectively.

I would consider Scott Walker having to approve all ads, as coordination.   Thanks Robin for defining that for us.

Scott Walker's Successful Week

By Jeff Simpson 

Scott Walker did not have a very good start to the week, when the Guardian came out with the a massive drop of emails from the John Doe case.  The day they dropped, Scott Walker, who is perpetually intimidated, went immediately into hiding:

Fighting Bob Fest 2016

By Jeff Simpson

In case you are sick of the constant yammering of the Sykes/Belling cabal of crap that fills the airwaves in the Milwaukee area, get in your car tomorrow and take a drive to Madison, WI and attend Fighting Bob Fest at Breeze Stevens Field.

I will be there in the afternoon, because as "Rising Star" Rep. Jarchow says:

Still, Jarchow acknowledges Wisconsin has only cracked the surface of needed government reforms.
“We have 100 years of progressive nonsense to unwind,” he said of the state that gave the world progressive Republican “Fighting” Bob La Follette. “We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Walker Answers Every Which Way But Honestly To Walkergate Release

On Wednesday, the Guardian reported about previously unreleased emails from the John Doe investigation into Scott Walker. The emails confirmed and expanded the news that Walker was illegally collaborating with dark money groups and that he and the Republicans were running an expansive pay-for-play operation in the State of Wisconsin.

On Thursday, the press finally got a chance to question Walker on this news (as much as the corporate media ever questions Walker anyway).

True to form, Walker responded every which way - but honestly - to the questions:
In a stop in Dane County Thursday, Walker initially avoided a question about whether he had raised money for the club but at a second stop in Fox Crossing he said he isn't doing it now.

"I don't right now," Walker said. "And the bottom line with the story that came out yesterday is you’ve got folks who have apparently failed in the court of law multiple times trying to put out selected information in the court of public opinion."

But then the Republicans finally settled on one strategy.

Some of the top, and most corrupt, Republicans in the legislature sent a letter to Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel, asking him to start an investigation into this. Schimel, who already showed himself to be a good and faithful servant to his corporate overlords, eagerly started looking into it.

Oh, of course not the pay for play or illegal campaigning, of which almost every Republican is guilty of, but into who leaked the John Doe documents, which were ordered sealed and locked away by the Wisconsin's Supreme(ly corporate) Court.

Walker jumped all over that, stating that he was no in favor of letting justice take its course (see video).
Speaking at another event in Plover, Walker said he wouldn't weigh in on whether there should be an investigation.

"I’ll leave that up to the legal authorities. But it’s clear that somebody violated the law," the governor said.
That alone is so hypocritical that it is mind-blowing. Walker and his dark money overlords have spent millions and millions of dollars to thwart justice and interfere with the John Doe investigation into them. Now that the judicial system has been just as corrupted, he is perfectly fine with letting it work its course.

On Friday, Democratic State Representative Peter Barca is to have a press conference calling for an investigation into the crimes indicated in the emails. However, unless that investigation is conducted by the feds, it is a moot point. The Republicans in Wisconsin are so corrupt that they would never investigate one of their own, much less hold them responsible. And if they did do an investigation, you just know that it would be so tainted as to be worthless.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Walker Caught In Another Lie

By Jeff Simpson

Capper covered the initial leak of the new #Walkerdocs very well, but I wanted to point your attention
to something else buried in there.

First let us take a trip down memory lane where Gov Walker was asked about the Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun:

 Walker said he and his two sons, Matt and Alex, all big Brewers' fans, were disappointed and angry "that he lied to us as fans."
In a telephone interview Tuesday, the GOP governor said that "it was bad enough that he broke the rules, but the fact that he didn't immediately fess up to it, that he dragged it all out...It's not just what he did, it's that he strung us out for so long."
The governor said forgiveness from fans wouldn't come quickly for Braun.
"I think it'll be a long time," Walker said.
Speaking of "not immediately fessing up to it".  In August of 2014, Scott Walker was asked outright if he helped Club for Growth raise any money:

Gov. Scott Walker said Saturday that he played no role in soliciting cash from a mining company for the Wisconsin Club for Growth during the 2011 and 2012 recall elections, adding that no one should be surprised that the pro-business governor backed legislation helpful to the firm.
 Asked whether he was aware that Gogebic Taconite secretly donated $700,000 to Wisconsin Club for Growth — a pro-business advocacy group directed by the governor's campaign adviser — Walker said, "Not to my knowledge."
 When asked if the previously undisclosed funds and subsequent legislation were part of some pay-to-play scheme, Walker said, "That's a ridiculous argument."

Now, thanks to the Guardian article, we know that he was absolutely lying and he "strung us out for so long".

All the positive and negative ads running were due to Scott Walker raising money through "the club".

I wonder how long it will be before the fans forgive Scott Walker for lying?

PS:  In case you are wondering you did read that email correctly.  R J Johnson sent it to Keith Gilkes to tell Scott Fitzgerald to stop whining about the recall and how much money they were giving him.   It is not cheap trying to keep many people happy and win your election.

Trump - 1 / 69 Year Old Woman - 0


By Jeff Simpson

In a recent rally in North Carolina, some of The Donalds best supporters have given us a glimpse of what we can expect with a Trump Presidency.

A good Christian and Republican decided that a 69 year old woman had no right to protest in his Murica.

Then this happened. I quote from Western NC's WLOS 13 ...
After the rally, Teeter experienced something she had never seen in all of her protests. Peace teetered over into something else.
"I said you better learn to speak Russian, and I said the first two words are going to be, ha ha. He stopped in his tracks, and he turned around and just cold-cocked me," Teter said.
She was punched in the face.
She says she fell on her oxygen tank and has sore ribs, a sore jaw, and cut her elbow. She later went to the hospital and is thankful she did not break any bones.

Inside the building this was going on:

There is of course nothing new here, as this has been happening for quite some time at Trump rallies!

"Because Scott Walker asked"

Two years ago, prosecutors investigating Scott Walker for illegal campaigning, alleged that he was the center of a "criminal scheme":
Prosecutors allege that Gov. Scott Walker was at the center of an effort to illegally coordinate fundraising among conservative groups to help his campaign and those of Republican senators fend off recall elections during 2011 and '12, according to documents unsealed Thursday.

In the documents, prosecutors lay out what they call a "criminal scheme" to bypass state election laws by Walker, his campaign and two top deputies — R.J. Johnson and Deborah Jordahl.

The governor and his close confidants helped raise money and control spending through 12 conservative groups during the recall elections, according to the prosecutors' filings.
The documents include an email in which Walker tells Karl Rove, former top adviser to President George W. Bush, that Johnson would lead the coordination campaign. Johnson is also chief adviser to Wisconsin Club for Growth, a conservative group active in the recall elections.

"Bottom-line: R.J. helps keep in place a team that is wildly successful in Wisconsin. We are running 9 recall elections and it will be like 9 congressional markets in every market in the state (and Twin Cities)," Walker wrote to Rove on May 4, 2011.

But if we know nothing else, it is that with all things Walker and Walkergate, there is more. There is always more.

On Wednesday, The Guardian published a blockbuster and comprehensive report that included never seen before emails that from the Walkergate investigation that had not been released before.

While the general gist is the same and some of the details have been previously released, the article is still chock full of new emails and new information, including names of donors (including Donald Trump) and the amounts they gave to Walker's money laundering scheme. The article also goes into more detail of how the scheme got started and how it worked:

What particularly caught the attention of the prosecutors was that when the money came in it did not go directly to Walker's personal campaign committee, Friends of Scott Walker. To do so would have been problematic, as any campaign committee directly linked to a candidate is limited in Wisconsin to accepting contributions of up to $43,000 that have to be fully disclosed.

The prosecutors alleged in court filings published here for the first time that Walker's campaign found a way around these restrictions by banking the corporate cash through the third-party group, Wisconsin Club for Growth. WCfG describes itself as a “pro-liberty, pro-fiscal restraint” organisation, sharing the same small government and anti-union ideology as Walker. It is a tax-exempt group, or 501 (c) (4), that is supposed to be primarily concerned with “social welfare” rather than partisan politics and as such is not obliged to reveal its donors.

In court submissions, the prosecutors alleged that Walker's campaign used WCfG as a shadow committee that allowed him to solicit large sums of corporate cash without scrutiny or accountability. “Contributions were personally solicited by Governor Scott Walker to WCfG ... in order to circumvent the reporting and contributions provisions of Wisconsin statutes,” an investigator working for the prosecutors in the John Doe investigation, Robert Stelter, alleged.
To help illustrate how much collaboration there was between Walker, his campaign and the dark money group Wisconsin Club for Growth (WICfG), the article highlighted this check:

The check is from one C. Fredrerick Kasten, Jr.. It is made out for the amount of $10,000 payable to WICfG. But the most telling part is in the memo section where Kasten wrote "Because Scott Walker asked."

Because Scott Walker asked.

It's no wonder why Walker and the dark money groups are so desperate to kill off the investigation.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


By Jeff Simpson

The dirty word that politicians are scared to utter is creeping into the conversation.   It is usually the one word that no one will say and the one problem that no one will address.  Between politicians telling us how great they are and how "Its working" we keep averting our eyes to make sure that we see what we want to see and not what is right in front of us.

As much as we want to avoid it, and pretend it is not there, it is starting to overtake all of our towns, municipalities, schools, villages, cities etc...

What is the word and issue that can not be named?   Starts with a P and ends with a Y?  POVERTY!

The New York Times published an editorial today pointing out that both The Donald and Ms Clinton are not addressing poverty(emphasis mine).

Poverty in the United States is deeper than in all other wealthy nations. Yet neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump has a specific anti-poverty agenda.
There have been notable improvements in three crucial measures of economic well-being: income, poverty and health insurance coverage. On Tuesday, the Census Bureau announced that all took a sharp turn for the better in 2015, the first time since 1999 that the three measures improved in the same year.
For example, the largest income gains in 2015 were among Americans at the bottom of the income ladder. Those gains reflect job growth, which has been supported by the Federal Reserve’s low interest-rate policy; the Fed should stay the course until the job market has returned to full health. The income gains also reflect minimum-wage increases in many states and cities, which have laid the foundation for the federal government to follow suit.
The data also illustrate how much worse conditions would be without existing federal programs. Using the “supplemental” measure of poverty that is more nuanced than the official measure, the poverty rate in 2015 was 14.3 percent. Without Social Security, it would have been 22.6 percent, with nearly 27 million more people in poverty. Without the earned-income tax credit and low-income provisions on the child tax credit, the rate would have been 17.2 percent, adding 9.2 million people. Without food stamps, the rate would have been 15.7 percent, adding 4.6 million people.
The statistics give the candidates all the evidence they need to make the case to voters that anti-poverty policies work. 
Under President Obama, life for those at the bottom rung of the American Dream ladder are getting slightly better.   Government anti poverty so called entitlement programs are helping but not solving the problem.

In our own back yard, in today's Wisconsin State Journal we learn that a whopping 41% of people in Dane County are not making ends meet.

In the shadow of Dane County’s booming technology sector and low unemployment rate, more than two out of every five households don’t make enough money to meet basic living expenses, a new study has found.
A report released Wednesday by the United Way of Wisconsin found that 41 percent or 86,855 of 211,842 Dane County households are unable to make ends meet or cover basic living expenses, including housing, child care, food, transportation and health care. This nearly matches the overall state number of 42 percent or 960,131 of 2.3 million households detailed in the United Way ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) Study.
The report suggests the cost of basic annual household expenses in Wisconsin is more than most jobs can support.
A typical household survival budget — covering basic expenses without regard for savings — for a family of four is estimated at $54,804 in the state. The state’s median household income is $52,622. In Dane County, the survival budget for a family of four is $69,204 and $28,608 for a single adult.
What is even more troubling:
The report found that 65 percent of all jobs in Wisconsin pay less than $20 an hour — so less than about $40,000 annually if working full time.
Think about that!  A majority of working people in Wisconsin are making less than $40,000 annually. This is in a state that at one time, with the help of Federal highways, the Mississippi river, Great Lakes and strong public schools was a manufacturing hub.   This study took six months to complete and we know from reading the news that it is already out of date and the number of good paying jobs in Wisconsin is rapidly shrinking.  

In February of this year, researchers at UW-Madison released a report telling us that poverty in Wisconsin(unlike most of the rest of the country) was at its highest level in 30 years!

Poverty in Wisconsin hit its highest level in 30 years during the five-year period ending in 2014, even as the nation's economy was recovering from the Great Recession, according to a trend analysis of U.S. census data just released by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers.
 The number of Wisconsin residents living in poverty averaged 13% across that post-recession time frame — the highest since 1984, according to the analysis by UW-Madison's Applied Population Laboratory. In 1984, the poverty rate peaked at 15.5% as the nation was recovering from a double-dip recession.
Using the five-year measure, poverty went up in both urban and rural parts of Wisconsin. It went up at every level of educational achievement, and across the employment spectrum.
 Perhaps most significant, the poverty gap between blacks and whites grew here as the average gap was flat across the nation. The state's child poverty rate also went up significantly, fueling concerns about the future for many of the state's youngest residents.
 "There is some good evidence that living in poverty and experiencing issues like food and housing insecurity can cause changes in the brain that can lead to behavioral issues and low performance in school, as well as chronic disease later in life," said Malia Jones, an assistant scientist and social epidemiologist at UW-Madison's Applied Population Laboratory.
 It's no coincidence that two-thirds of students who cannot read above a fourth-grade level end up either in prison or on welfare, several literacy studies have shown.

What did our Governor do with that news?   He decided to take his record of "accomplishment" on the road and run for President" to do for the United States what he did for Wisconsin" and drink alot of beer(provided by Wisconsin taxpayers)!

While I have criticized Democrats(especially Mary Burke) for not addressing poverty in the elections, how do our friends on the right address this important issue?

This from MacIver's facebook page this morning - 15 "Facts" about poverty the Govt is hiding(with clarifications after):

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

WISGOP Down The Rabbit Hole.

By Jeff Simpson 

There are two realities in this state.  The one that most of us live by:

These are not the first sporting events North Carolina will lose because of the passage of HB2. In July the NBA pulled next year’s All-Star Game from Charlotte, and November’s Duke-Albany basketball game was cancelled due to a New York state policy banning certain types of travel to North Carolina.
Just a month after its passage, the best estimates were that HB2 had already cost the state around $80 million. In the last five months, that amount has certainly skyrocketed.

Then there is the reality that the WISGOP lives in.  

Representative Jesse Kremer (R-Big Government) is still obsessed with sending Wisconsin back into the 1920's and passing an "anti-LGBQT" bathroom bill in WI.  

Even as I write this, the activist U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has been attempting to usurp each state's tenth amendment right to resist the mandate that young girls be forced to lose their dignity and privacy by changing next to teen boys in school. The court ruled that we must defer to the "experts" - unelected, federal Education Department bureaucrats - to set policies and define reality for our children. 
If we really want to take this country back, we have to ensure that unelected judges are not the be-all and end-all, but simply one of the checks and balances in our government. The only way to accomplish this is to ensure that we elect federal officials who will confirm judges that will not "play god," but will serve God and protect the sanctity of the Constitution of these United States. Elections do have consequences. 
Unfortunately, Rep. Kremer is running unopposed but we can send him a message and make sure he has less extremist friends to try and destroy commerce in WI!

Vote Democrat down ticket in November.

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